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Early Start to replace Bilevel Appointments
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Dear NU Faculty & Staff,
The FASIS team has been actively working with every school to answer their immediate needs concerning appointment data for faculty. Requirements are being analyzed for faculty-student data as they relate to SES. Subcommittees, with cross-school representation, have been meeting to identify business processes, priorities, challenges, and information gaps regarding appointment/appointment history and salary/salary history.

Project documents, data definitions and meeting minutes are being shared through Depot. For an overview of priorities, updates, as well as a list of everyone on the FASIS team and the supportive infrastructure, visit the FASIS web site:

We'd like your feedback. Send us email: fasis@northwestern.edu, attend our upcoming Town Hall Meetings (6/22/2010 in Chicago and 6/30/2010 in Evanston) or let us know that you want to join one of our focus groups (fasis@northwestern.edu).
 Early Start to replace Bi-level Appointments 
As part of the FASIS project, in collaboration with HRIS and HR Payroll, the Office of the Provost has identified a new procedure for Early Start tenure line faculty hires.  Formerly referred to as a Bi-level appointment, the Early Start appointment is one which begins prior to the academic year start date (September 1).  Previously these appointments were set up using two different titles (for example, Senior Lecturer appointment for two months, July 1 through August 31, then reappointment as Assistant Professor on September 1, with a tenure clock start date of September 1).  Beginning immediately, Early Start faculty hires will be set up with the appropriate title (usually the title is Assistant Professor), using a new Action/Reason code of HIR/EST.  The tenure clock start date will be indicated as September 1.
Because several different funding models have been identified for the early start faculty, the Office of the Provost is continuing to work with HRIS, HR Payroll and the Schools as necessary to produce templates for all users.
For more information on Early Start faculty hires, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges (lkt@northwestern.edu or 1-7042) in the Office of the Provost. 
 Appointment/Appointment History and Salary/Salary History Subcommittees

Subcommittees of the Functional and Academic Task Force were formed to advise and assist with appointment/appointment history and salary/salary history functionality in FASIS. These committees include members from every NU school, the Provost's Office, and HRIS. They meet biweekly and hope to finish their work within a 12 week time frame.

Appointment/Appointment History:
This subcommittee is working on business requirements for the development of the FASIS appointment and appointment history pages. The main goal of the subcommittee is to summarize current and historical appointment information in one place, to meet the needs of common faculty appointment information across all schools.  Based on information submitted by the FASIS functional task force, the subcommittee has indentified fields that should appear on the appointment page, such as appointment start and end dates, academic rank, percent full-time, tenure status, etc.  The subcommittee has also identified appointment transactions that should be displayed on the appointment page, such as promotions, reappointments and terminations.   The next task is to review appointment transaction definitions and to work out scenarios involving multiple transactions. The subcommittee is scheduled to meet biweekly until the end of July.

Salary/Salary History:
This subcommittee has spent their first three meetings discussing needs for current salary and salary history pages. The consensus is that FASIS should provide10 years of salary history data. As much data as possible should be easily downloaded to Excel. After discussions of both simple and complex compensation scenarios, several needs have been identified: provide funding details for both base pay and additional pay, provide a link to a scanned appointment letter, add fringe information, evaluation scores, comments about compensation arrangements, budget figures, and additional pay details. For display on the new current salary page, various compensation calculations, retention, and incentive figures are being discussed along with specific teaching arrangements tied to additional pay.
 Coming Soon - FASIS Manual On-line 
To save a few trees and still get you the reference materials you need regarding faculty appointments, there will be a new section on the FASIS web site. As soon as this is ready, we'll be sending you an email with a full explanation. 
 Recent additions...

Improved query to see multi- and cross-school appointments
In the April 2010 FASIS Newsletter, we suggested using an HRIS Reporting Database query 'R91_SCHOOL_EES_ALL_APPTS' to produce a list of those who have at least one appointment in your school. The results include all other appointments that those employees hold, even if those appointments are not within your school. Excluded from this report are temporary employees, work study  employees, grad students, and biweekly employees. Those with either Emeritus or Emeritus in Service appointments are included.
The query results include these pieces of information: Emplid, Empl Rcd #, Name, HRIS Deptid, HRIS Department Name, Jobcode, Job Title, Position Number, Paygroup, Position type, Position category, Tenure Status, Total Percent Full Time, and Primary Academic Appointment Indicator.

In April there were problems with the record used for this query. These problems have been resolved and the query has also been revised - it is no longer necessary to include a range of deptids.
There is just one caveat: if the only appointment that an employee holds within your school is an unpaid one, he/she will not be included in the query results. This is in keeping with the access requested during the development of the HRIS Employment page.
New Appointment Indicator
An Appointment Indicator field has been implemented to better describe the nature of specific kinds of faculty appointments.
Eight values for this field have been identified: Lecturer - Year to Year, Lecturer - Continuing, Teaching Post Doc, Instructor - Academy, Instructor - Accompanist , and Instructor - Chamber, Academic Full Time, and Courtesy. The default value for this field is blank. The Instructor values relate to those in the Music School. Use of this field is entirely optional. The Position/Appointment form has been updated to include this field. To further clarify the use of Academic Full Time and Courtesy, please use the following definitions:
Academic Full Time - This type of appointment is for full-time tenure-track or non-tenure track faculty whose salary and benefits are provided, in whole or in part, by an entity other than NU. In the most common circumstance, e.g. at the Feinberg School of Medicine, the faculty member's salary is paid by an affiliated hospital. Similar considerations also apply to full-time faculty paid by outside institutions, such as the American Bar Foundation or the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Courtesy - A courtesy appointment is an unpaid secondary appointment. This designation refers to academic appointments outside a faculty member's primary department.
If you have any questions about the use of the Appointment Indicator or any of its values, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges in the Provost's Office at 1-7042.

New fields on existing HRIS pages
Seven new HRIS department designations were added to the Dept_Tbl in mid-April to enhance reporting capabilities. All of these fields were added to a brand new Department Table tab: NW Department Data. This new tab will include not only these new fields, but also any other custom data related to deptids, such as Published Description, Admin Unit, and chartstring information.
The 7 new designations are:
1. Department Class
- each HRIS deptid will be identified as one of the following four values: Academic Department, Center/Institute, Program, or Administrative Department
2. Center Indicator - each deptid identified as a Center/Institute can be further described as University Sponsored, School Sponsored, or Department Sponsored.
3. Security Node - the last two digits of an HRIS department number indicate where the number belongs on the HRIS department security tree and what purpose (in terms of security) the department number serves. All HRIS deptids NOT ending in '00' will have this value checked 'On'.
4. Shared Department - a deptid will be identified as a Shared Department when the deptid has been created for the dual purpose of controlling HRIS security access and for allowing the correct handling of deployed transactions. This checkbox indicator can only be turned 'On' if the last two digits of the HRIS deptid is NOT '00'.
5. Deptid Category - provides a way to group academic departments. Within the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and the Feinberg School of Medicine, one the the following five values will be used: WCAS Humanities, WCAS Natural Sciences, WCAS Social Sciences, Feinberg Basic, Feinberg Clinical. If an academic department does not fall within one of the above five categories, its Deptid Category value is set equal to its School name. Administrative departments have the Deptid Category value 'Not Applicable'.
6. Parent Deptid - represents the HRIS deptid to which another HRIS deptid rolls up. The Parent Deptid always ends in '00'.
7. Deptid Group - represents the highest level of HRIS deptid aggregation. The Deptid Group always ends in '00'. The Deptid Group value differs from the Parent Deptid value only for those divisions within the Feinberg Department of Medicine or the Feinberg Department of Surgery. 
 Report from the Quality Assurance Team 
The Provost's Office staff, HRIS analysts and Payroll academic specialists continue to meet bi-weekly, and have been correcting and realigning HRIS data for the FASIS project as data issues are identified.  The primary focus has been on faculty data.  As we correct data, we are also examining and redefining business processes as needed.  Some of our current projects include:
  •  Adding primary academic appointments for professors who only had an endowed appointment in HRIS for the 09-10 academic year.        
  • Updating missing contract periods and scheduled pay periods.  As part of this cleanup, payroll staff will follow up with school and department administrators when contract periods are missing on the appointment form.      
  • Constructing an HRIS query to check that all faculty members have a primary academic appointment and primary role. These appointments are identified using the primary academic appointment and role indicators on the NW Job Data page in HRIS.
For questions regarding the QA process for faculty appointments, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges, Manager of Faculty records in the Office of the Provost, at 1-7042.
 Upcoming Town Hall Meetings 
Join us for the upcoming Town Hall Meetings. We will be discussing the work of the two task force subcommittees, requirements for FASIS/SES data exchange, recent HRIS enhancements, policy and procedural changes, data definitions, access to the growing FASIS Manual, and other topics, as time allows.
Chicago Campus, June 22, 2:00 to 3:30PM FSM Lurie - Baldwin Auditorium
Evanston Campus, June 30, 2010, 9:30-11:00AM - Hardin Hall
Sign up for one of these meetings on HRIS Self Service, type in FASIS Town Hall as the course name.
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