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FASIS Manual-Major Revisions
Salary/Salary History Subcommittee
The Quality Assurance Team
HRIS Data Mart Update
Status of New Subcommittees
Upcoming Town Hall Meetings
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Dear NU Faculty & Staff,

The first FASIS subcommittees have completed their work. The FASIS Manual has been updated with the definitions that these subcommittees helped produce and approve.

An expanded Quality Assurance Team is busy ensuring the integrity of the FASIS system.

The FASIS data mart is making significant progress.

Please visit the FASIS web site to keep up with this important initiative. There you can access the ever-growing FASIS Manual, sign up for the FASIS listserv, read all the previous Newsletters, and see slides from the Town Hall Meetings.

Join us for our upcoming Town Hall Meetings in February (details to come in e-mail).
We'd like your feedback. Send us email: fasis@northwestern.edu or let us know that you want to join one of our focus groups (fasis@northwestern.edu).
 FASIS Manual-Major Revisions 

The FASIS Manual has recently undergone a major set of revisions and additions: the definitions from the Salary/Salary History subcommittee have been added. Please see the section entitled Compensation. Basic salary-related definitions are also included in the section on Basic Terms. The definitions for new terms or fields to be used in FASIS will show up in the Manual as soon as the technical implementation of these fields is complete.

As is clear whenever salary records are discussed, there are many ways to describe total compensation for individuals who have multiple appointments or have appointments of differing lengths. The FASIS system will have clearer and more comprehensive displays of this information, for both current and historical appointments. When in doubt, check the FASIS Manual for the most accurate definition of the relevant terms.

The relatively new appointment indicator for academic full-time employees has been updated regarding the definition and the attribution of percent full-time. If this is an attribute of interest to you, please see the entry for this indicator in the Manual.

The Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS) Manual is a compilation of Data Definitions, Procedural Descriptions, System Enhancements, Policies, and Training Materials. The Manual is available in PDF format, and as such, is easily searchable and is printable in part or in full.
Each entry in the Manual is marked with both the "Effective Date" and the "Last Update" date, as this is a work in progress with continuous revisions. There will be notifications and descriptions in the FASIS Newsletter when major changes have been made to the Manual.

The material in the Manual has been developed and vetted within the Data Definitions and Process Redesign Team and the Functional Academic/IT School Administrators Task Force.

If you have a mobile device with a browser, you can easily view the manual wherever you are. On the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, you can use the links if you've installed GoodReader or a similar full-featured PDF reader. For complete directions about how to get the most out of the Manual, see http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/hris/fasis/fasis_manual_index.htm.

 Salary/Salary History Subcommittee

As one of the first two subcommittees of the Functional and Academic Task Force, the salary/salary history subcommittee was formed to advise and assist with related salary functionality in FASIS. This subcommittee included members from every NU school, the Office of the Provost, and HRIS. Thanks to the members of this subcommittee for their careful and very helpful work.

The salary subcommittee identified the salary fields needed for the proposed new FASIS salary pages. The design of the salary pages has been approved by the Functional and IT Task Force. Definitions for existing salary fields are now available in the FASIS Manual. As they are implemented, definitions for new fields agreed upon by the subcommittee and task force will be available in the FASIS Manual.


The new salary pages will provide a concise and informative picture of staff and faculty salary, both current and historically. The focus will be on providing those data elements that are most frequently needed by the administrative staff throughout the University without needing to drill into less user-friendly parts of the system.

 The Quality Assurance Team 

The QA Team has been expanded to include Maureen O'Toole and Karen
Marie Koehler-Davis, both from HRIS, as well as Debbie Crimmins and Paul
Schantz from Institutional Research.  The committee meets weekly to discuss
data issues and corrections of those issues. Karen is the dedicated resource
for making corrections in HRIS, working closely with HR Payroll and the
Office of the Provost. Maureen is coordinating the weekly meetings and
developing procedures for the Payroll Department in order for the data to
remain clean.  Debbie and Paul are inspecting the data closely with the rest
of the team to ensure consistency.

At the bottom of many HRIS pages, a yellow Notify Button  is available to alert the Quality Assurance Team of any existing data within HRIS which is questionable, incorrect, or confusing.


For questions regarding the QA process for faculty appointments, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges, Manager of Faculty Records and Business Operations in the Office of the Provost, at 1-7042 or lkt@northwestern.edu.

 HRIS Data Mart Update


We have been busy developing and reviewing report requirements for the Office of the Provost and the Office of Institutional Research.  Reports include faculty demographics, counts of tenure-line and full-time faculty as well as faculty appointment activity.  As part of this process we'll be reviewing key reports with the FASIS reporting subcommittee and the FASIS functional task force.  In conjunction with the NU Business Intelligence team we have identified the fields needed in the data mart.  The BI team is developing the monthly load process that will add, update, and transform HRIS data into the data mart.  The data mart will be the source for FASIS reporting on both faculty and staff. 

  Status of the Training, Reporting, and Student Data Subcommittees



The training subcommittee surveyed the HRIS user community for feedback on

current training and communication methods. The responses were from a

broad range of HRIS user types and system sophistication. The subcommittee's

next goal is to tailor the FASIS training plan using the results and

suggestions from the survey. In addition to the survey, the FASIS team has

begun weekly internal sessions with the HR Payroll Division and the HRIS

helpdesk to ensure the data quality and procedures used.


The first reporting subcommittee meeting was spent reviewing the HRIS data mart and phase 1 reporting.  Each subcommittee member was asked to provide reporting examples from their respective schools.  At the next meeting the subcommittee will review report samples, spreadsheets and documents used to provide faculty information and reports in each school.  The next steps will be to collate documentation and finalize questions for discussing reporting requirements at individual schools.  Visits to each school and to all administrative departments will then be scheduled to gather comprehensive reporting requirements.


Student Data

The student data subcommittee is examining the use of student data as it pertains to faculty appointments and profiles, attributing responsibility and credit to faculty, and tracking faculty-student relationships.

  • It is looking at who is involved and how these data are used: courses, types of students, faculty teaching loads, teaching evaluations, undergraduate and graduate advising and oversight, and reporting (reporting issues will be passed to that subcommittee).
  • Preliminary meetings have been held with each of the academic schools and TGS to gather their needs as they pertain to connecting faculty and student data. An analysis needs to be done to determine which data are in SES, which are in, or need to be in FASIS, and which might reside in the data mart. These discussions are being coordinated with SES and the Office of the Registrar.
  • The first two subcommittee meetings identified several points of needed coordination between FASIS, SES, and TGS concerning graduate programs, clusters and other faculty groupings.
  • Also identified is the need to compare the expected teaching load with the actual teaching activity.
  • The focus of the next meeting will be the definition of adviser, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, coordinated with SES, to identify gaps, overlaps, and differences in definitions.
  • The focus of a future meeting will be the data needed for a faculty teaching roster.
  •  Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

    Town Hall Meetings will be held in February. Please watch for an invitation by e-mail.

    Following the meetings, you will be able to access the slides on our web site.
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