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Faculty & Staff Information SystemAugust 2011
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HRIS becomes FASIS
New Appointment and Salary Pages
Subcommittee Reports
Paid Emeritus Procedure
FASIS Manual Updates
HRIS Data Mart Update
Career Path and Rank
Upcoming Town Hall Meetings
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As of August 15, 2011, the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) will officially be the Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS). Read more about this transition below.


Also in early August several new components of FASIS are going live: the administrative appointment pages and the salary pages.

To document and help you navigate all these changes, significant additions have been made to the FASIS Manual; read more below.


Northwestern Scholars is well underway; data for 3000 faculty members are undergoing scrutiny. We expect to open this tool to a wider audience in early Fall quarter.


Visit the FASIS web site to keep up with this important initiative. There you can access the ever-growing FASIS Manual, sign up for the FASIS listserv, read all the previous Newsletters, and see slides from the Town Hall Meetings.We'd like your feedback. Send us email: fasis@northwestern.edu or let us know that you want to join one of our focus groups (fasis@northwestern.edu).

Join us for our upcoming Town Hall meetings in October, see details below.


Since its implementation in 1997, Northwestern's Human Resources Information System (HRIS) has evolved far beyond its initial payroll and benefits modules. Recognizing its ability to provide a broader range of services, in 2009 the Office of the Provost approved a proposal to build a faculty and staff information system on the foundation of HRIS.


On August 15 system users will have their first opportunity to take advantage of this new system - two new pages that track faculty appointments and activites will be available.  During Fall quarter several more features will be deployed.  To coincide with the inclusion of faculty information, HRIS will be rebranding the system to "Faculty and Staff Information System" (FASIS).  The HRIS department will become "Faculty and Staff Information Systems."  These new names not only describe the information provided by the system itself, but they also underscore the department's mission to provide resources for and about all the University's employees.


Over the next few weeks, FASIS staff will be working with the Office of the Provost and University Relations to communicate these changes to the University community.  Training demonstrations and informational meterials will be provided when the change goes into effect.  Dates and times for these demonstrations are available at this link.


For more information regarding FASIS, please visit our web site.  Any University department that currently refers to "HRIS" in electronic or print material is urged to contact Chris Tondini at tondini@northwestern.edu to assist in updating the name and links.

 New Administrative Appointment and Salary Pages  

On August 15 FASIS will go live with new appointment and salary pages, providing a comprehensive view of current faculty and staff data. The development of these pages is a result of intensive work on data definition standardization, quality assurance, and the collaborative work between the FASIS team, ITMS, and both the FASIS Appointment Subcommittee and the FASIS Salary Subcommittee.


The appointment page is a comprehensive view of a faculty member or staff member's appointment information. From this page, one can drill through to additional data on tenure status, salary, visa status, and individual contact information. More functionality on appointment history and employment dates will be available through these pages in Fall quarter. Data that have not previously been available through HRIS are: home department, academic rank and career path, appointment start date, and academic appointment type (primary, secondary, or joint).


The salary page shows year-to-date and fiscal year values for all earnings (including additional pay) contributing to gross earnings. This page includes a set of base salary values: Institutional Base Salary and the Academic Base Salary-fields for use in grant proposals and effort reporting-and the Merit Base Salary that can be used to track salary relevant to merit increases. Also included are salary fields calculated in the general ledger (GL) including a new pre-encumbrance field to track unfunded salary. The changes from HRIS include more accurate salary values for adjunct faculty and early start faculty-where the traditional annual rate is not meaningful. Department administrators have access to salary pages for any individual who has been paid by the department during the current fiscal year.


Administrative users are encouraged to attend a demonstration of the new features. During Fall quarter FASIS will add additional resources: appointment and salary history pages, named professorship pages, and links to Northwestern Scholars.

Subcommittee Reports


Faculty Recruiting

The Faculty Recruiting Subcommittee met four times during May and June. Additional visits with each individual School were completed mid-July to further the business requirements gathering. The subcommittee has focused their discussions on a possible faculty candidate application, candidate review pages for the search committee members, and new pages to gather and upload reference letters. In addition, the pages currently used were evaluated and suggestions for improvement were gathered for the Faculty Offer, Job Opening and Faculty position pages. At the end of August, the subcommittee will meet again to review the detailed mockups and final requirements gathered from all the schools. 




Please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges (lkt@northwestern.edu) with any questions regarding specialized faculty process training.




The Student Data Subcommittee has submitted seven requests to SES for system enhancements based on the subcommittee's work. In addition the subcommittee has developed a mockup of a page to track faculty courseloads. The data related to this page will be combined with the data in SES to produce a report on expected and actual faculty teaching loads. 

Paid Emeritus Procedural Change 


The FASIS Task Force has approved a Paid Emeritus Procedure to be used when an emeritus faculty member returns to the University to take a part-time or full-time appointment. Emeritus faculty may have short term non-benefits-eligible or longer term benefits-eligible appointments. The tuition benefits for emeritus faculty do not depend upon active employment. For details on how to fill out the Position & Appointment form and for a full list of the procedural requirements, please see the FASIS Manual. If you have any questions on this or other faculty-related procedures, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges in the Office of the Provost: lkt@northwestern.edu.

FASIS Manual Updates 

To help you keep track of FASIS developments and to assist you in your regular use of the entire Faculty and Staff Information System, including the accompanying procedures and transactions, the FASIS Manual is being continuously updated. The most recent additions include
  • Calendar of Faculty Related Events (from the Office of the Provost)
  • Contacts and Resources for Faculty Processes
  • A new section on Research Staff Appointments
  • Additional compensation definitions pertaining to the new salary pages
  • 13 new explanations of procedures for faculty appointments

Each entry in the Manual is marked with the "Last Updated" date, as this is a working document with continuous revisions. A consolidated list of update dates is available for your convenience.

FASIS (HRIS) Data Mart Update


This summer we have been busy incorporating the new FASIS fields into the business requirements for the HRIS Data Mart.  In conjunction with this effort the Northwestern University Business Intelligence team is developing the programs to bring the HRIS/FASIS data into the data mart.

Career Path and Rank 


A new feature of FASIS is the ability to track a career path and academic rank for faculty members.  The career path is based on a faculty member's primary academic appointment.  Not all faculty members have a career path.  Currently there are 5 faculty career paths: Tenure-track, Clinical, Lecturer, Research and Contributed Services.  FASIS will capture the date a faculty member enters a career path, and the time spent in each rank within the career path.  The faculty member's current career path and rank is displayed on the appointment and salary pages.  For further information see the Faculty Career Path chart in the FASIS Manual.

Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

Please join us at the upcoming Town Hall Meetings:
  • Evanston, 2:00-3:00PM, October 18, Hardin Hall
  • Chicago, 2:00-3:00PM, October 19, FSM Lurie-Searle Seminar Room