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Welcome to the New FASIS Web Site
Appointment/Appointment History and Salary/Salary History Subcommittees
FASIS Manual On-line
Office of the Provost - September 1, 2010 Policy Changes
Report from the Quality Assurance Team
HRIS Data Mart Update
Upcoming Town Hall Meetings
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Dear NU Faculty & Staff,
FASIS is in the midst of a busy summer. The Appointment/Appointment History and Salary/Salary History subcommittees have been refining definitions and working on page mock-ups for the new system. Working together, the Office of the Provost and  FASIS have implemented a number of changes in faculty appointment policies and processes for the start of the new academic year. There is a new FASIS web site. And for your reference, to keep up with all these changes, the FASIS Manual is now on line.
Visit the new FASIS web site:
We'd like your feedback. Send us email: fasis@northwestern.edu, attend our upcoming Town Hall Meetings (9/28/2010 in Chicago and 10/7/2010 in Evanston), or let us know that you want to join one of our focus groups (fasis@northwestern.edu).
 New FASIS Web Site 
Come take a look at the new FASIS web site: http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/hris/fasis/index.htm. Although all of Human Resources (HR) is getting a new web site this coming year, including FASIS, we wanted to give you an easier-to-navigate and clearer picture of FASIS now. Make a bookmark for yourself so you can reference the FASIS Manual or read the previous Newsletters if you have a question about something that happened in FASIS in the past months. Let us know if you have any questions - fasis@northwestern.edu.
 Appointment/Appointment History and Salary/Salary History Subcommittees

Subcommittees of the Functional and Academic Task Force were formed to advise and assist with appointment/appointment history and salary/salary history functionality in FASIS. These committees include members from every NU school, the Office of the Provost, and HRIS.

Appointment/Appointment History:
The first iteration of the design phase has been completed for the Appointment pages. This iteration of the design has been developed, reviewed, and approved by the subcommittee. This committee has also spent time defining and reviewing almost 20 Appointment Transaction definitions. The final vetting process for the Appointment Transaction definitions will occur within the next few weeks. After final approval these definitions will be added to the on-line FASIS Manual.

Salary/Salary History:
This subcommittee has spent time discussing basic salary definitions such as Annual Salary - determining how it relates to the monetary value in the Offer/Appointment letters, identifying where this information is currently stored in HRIS, and deciding whether new fields need to be created. The technical team (ITMS) has spent time setting up a preliminary test environment to calculate a proposed new salary field. The FASIS team is testing this and verifying that it will meet the committee's needs. The basic salary definitions will be defined and finalized within the month, and the more complex salary definitions will be finalized within the next few months.
 FASIS Manual On-line 
The Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS) Manual is a compilation of Data Definitions, Procedural Descriptions, System Enhancements, Policies, and Training Materials. The Manual is available in PDF format, and as such, is easily searchable and is printable in part or in full.
Each entry in the Manual is marked with both the "Effective Date" and the "Last Updated" date, as this is a work in progress with continuous revisions. There will be notifications and descriptions in the FASIS Newsletter when major changes have been made to the Manual.
The material in the Manual has been developed and vetted within the Data Definitions and Process Redesign Team and the Functional Academic/IT School Administrators Task Force.
If you have a mobile device with a browser, you can easily view the manual wherever you are. On the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, you can use the links if you've installed GoodReader or a similar full-featured PDF reader. For complete directions about how to get the most out of the Manual, see http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/hris/fasis/fasis_manual_index.htm.
 Office of the Provost - September 1, 2010 Policy Changes
As a direct result of the collaboration among Schools, HRIS, HR Payroll and Benefits, the Office of the Provost is able to initiate the following policy changes, beginning FY11:
Paid Emeritus and the discontinuation of the Emeritus in Service title 
The Office of the Provost is implementing a change in title for paid Emeritus faculty (previously titled "Emeritus in Service"). Beginning 9/1/2010 the Emeritus in Service title will be discontinued and Schools will begin using the Emeritus-titled record to pay these faculty. HR appointment/position forms will be completed to reflect the change in payment status on the same record that the Emeritus appointment resides.
Will Emeritus benefits be affected? Retired faculty who return to work in a full-time capacity will be treated as a full-time employee, eligible for active employee benefits. Emeritus faculty who return to work in a greater than 50% but less than 100% capacity will be eligible for part-time benefits, including tuition benefits. Finally, the Emeritus faculty who return to work in a schedule that is less than 50% full-time will continue to stay at a retired status and will remain eligible for their retiree benefits.
The Office of the Provost will be working with the Schools to transition paid Emeritus records accordingly, and detailed communication regarding this process will be forwarded to each of the Schools in the coming weeks.
Adjunct Faculty and the discontinuation of dual Adjunct records
The Office of the Provost will begin working with each of the Schools to change the Adjunct Faculty appointment process so that, similar to the paid Emeritus Faculty process described above, Adjuncts will be paid on the same record (many Schools hold two records for the same adjunct faculty member - one paid and one unpaid). The adjunct record change is expected to be implemented during FY11. Additional communication will be forthcoming as the transition process is defined.
Early Start Faculty
A reminder that only those tenure-eligible faculty who begin work prior to September 1 are considered Early Start, and the appropriate Action/Reason codes should be utilized. For more information on the setup of these appointments, please see the FASIS Manual.
When setting up a tenure-eligible faculty member with a NetID and email account prior to September 1, do not use Early Start as the Action/Reason code. HRIS and HR Payroll have implemented a 90-day window for the generation of NetIDs and email accounts. Schools should submit their September 1 faculty hires (with a 9/1 effective date) as early as possible to get them on the system for the generation of NetIDs and email accounts.
Feel free to contact Laura Koepele-Tenges (lkt@northwestern.edu) with any questions related to these and other issues regarding faculty appointments and processes.
 Report from the Quality Assurance Team 
One of our main focuses this summer has been to review the process and setup of faculty appointments. Over the summer the Office of the Provost changed the procedure for setting up appointments of tenure eligible faculty who start at Northwestern before September 1. The QA team participated in documenting the new process and monitoring the appointment setup to ensure the data was entered correctly. As a result of our ongoing communication payroll staff and school and department administrators are asking more questions and thinking through the business processes, thereby helping to guarantee a higher level of data quality.
We continue to work on other data quality projects. These include: 
  • Correcting Named Professorship job titles to reflect the correct legal name of the funding source.
  • Researching duplicate Jobcode titles and inactivating titles that are no longer being used.
  • Correcting academic position categories. 
For questions regarding the QA process for faculty appointments, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges, Manager of Faculty Records and Business Operations in the Office of the Provost, at 1-7042 or lkt@northwestern.edu.
 HRIS Data Mart Update 
We are in the process of designing and constructing an HRIS Data Mart that will provide reporting about faculty and staff to university, school, and department administrators through the university's business intelligence tool, Cognos. Many data mart initiatives are in progress as HRIS provides specifications to the Business Intelligence (BI) team who will be developing the data mart. Initial steps include: 
  • Institutional Research History Table - building a history table of key faculty data fields that are important for historical reporting.
  • Institutional Research Data - incorporating data that has been tracked and reported on for the last 10 years. Fields include Annual FTE Salary, Position Categories, and EE06 categories. These data have been reviewed and corrected in HRIS.
  • Data Mart Security Requirements - developing security requirements that align with the data access allowed in HRIS.
  • Detailed Field Matrix - providing a detailed field matrix of all fields to be included in the data mart. This document will be used by the BI team to build the data mart.

The eventual "face" of FASIS will be through the Northwesten University Portal. The FASIS team is working with NUIT now to determine what should be available through the Portal. As with all portals, what you see depends on what your needs are. We're busy working this out as it applies to FASIS.
 Upcoming Town Hall Meetings 
Join us for the upcoming Town Hall Meetings. Now that the depth and breath of the project have intensified, we'll be trying out a new format for these meetings - we'll limit them to one hour. We'll give you a higher level overview without so much detail. We'll set up smaller training sessions for those of you who are interested in specific topics.
Chicago Campus, September 28, 2:00-3:00PM FSM Lurie-Baldwin Auditorium
Evanston Campus, October 7, 2010, 2:00-3:00PM Hardin Hall
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