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 What is FASIS?
 The FASIS initiative, a University-wide Faculty Information System within HRIS, will provide an accessible, secure environment to:
  • leverage collective knowledge of existing faculty systems
  • establish policies and processes for hiring faculty
  • provide for seamless data sharing
  • standardize processes
  • establish a "system of record," a central data repository
  • leverage the university's BI tools
  • leverage the University Portal
  • Link to other NU Enterprise systems
Initiatives to Date

The FASIS Project has been actively underway since the kickoff in mid-September 2009.  Here are a few highlights of the initiatives to date:

Discovery: local faculty databases have been examined; "wish" lists from each school have been prioritized. A risk management matrix with a mitigation scheme was compiled. Major existing faculty management systems (Feinberg, McCormick) have been demonstrated to the Task Forces, and features and functions have been compared and added to the priority list. A group from the FASIS Project Team has been visiting all schools for a more detailed picture of local school needs.

Current Enhancements to HRIS: new fields on existing HRIS pages have either been completed or are in development stages, including department designations, lecturer types, and academic rank.

New FASIS pages are being planned, including an Academic Appointment Page, an Academic Salary Page, a Named Professorship with History Page, and a Tenure History Page. With the new Academic Appointment Page, the Primary Role is identified, allowing for easier identification and reporting of a faculty member's main job responsibilities. The Primary Academic Appointment, typically the academic department where a faculty member devotes most of his/her work effort has been further defined. The home department grants the Primary Academic Appointment and is responsible for taking the lead in promotion and tenure as well as salary and disciplinary actions.

FASIS QA Team and Data Mart: Quality Assurance kickoff has included training Payroll staff on academic transactions and assisting school staff in setting up appointments. There is ongoing monitoring of data quality by the Provost's Office staff, HRIS, and Payroll. Quality Assurance includes the development, documentation, and standardization of the faculty appointment and promotion process. In addition, the FASIS QA team is developing a data dictionary of all faculty appointment types and related data. Simultaneously, a Cognos HRIS Data Mart is being built to include appointment, department, job, position, and salary information.

Data Definitions-building the foundation for faculty appointments: The need for precise data definitions in particular areas has been identified. These definitions will be vetted by the FASIS Task Force, the Schools, and the Provost's Office. This set of data definitions will form the basis of a Training Template for setting up appointments in HRIS. A glossary of these definitions will reside in the Faculty Administration Appointment Manual. The FASIS Team is working on definitions for faculty types, appointment actions, primary academic appointments, primary roles, and the home department.

Upcoming Meetings
Functional/Academic Task Force Meetings:

April 7; 9:00AM-10:30AM, Hardin Hall

April 21; 3:30PM-5:00PM, Hardin Hall
Business Requirements Subcommittee Meetings: TBA

FASIS/Associate Provost: every Thursday

Project Team: biweekly
Steering Committee: re-scheduled for late April, TBA
 Some help along the way...

Those of you who use HRIS query may find a new public query in the
Reporting database helpful. The query name is: R91_SCHOOL_EES_ALL_APPTS. The resulting list will include all employees who have at least one appointment in your school and will include all other appointments that those employees hold, even if those appointments are not within your school. Excluded from this report will be temporary employees, work study  employees, grad students, and biweekly employees. Those with either Emeritus or Emeritus in
Service appointments will be included.
The data included in the query will include: Emplid, Empl Rcd #, Name, Position type, Position category, Tenure Status, HRIS Deptid, HRIS Department Name, Job Title,Jobcode, Position Number, Paygroup, and Primary
Academic Appointment Indicator.

The report sort is by employee name and empl rcd#. When you kick off the query you will be asked for an HRIS deptid range. For example, the HRIS deptid range for SESP would be 280000 to 288000.

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