Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS) Project

FASIS, a University-wide data management system, will provide an accessible, secure enviroment with the following objectives

  • Leverage collective knowledge of existing faculty systems
  • Accomodate faculty information for all schools within one system, FASIS
  • Establish policies and processes for hiring faculty
  • Provide for seamless data sharing between schools and the central administration
  • Standardize processes of data integration and dissemination
  • Establish a system of record, a central data repository (data mart)
  • Leverage the University's BI tools
  • Leverage the University Portal
  • Link to other NU enterprise systems

Project Documents:


FASIS Manual - Data Definitions, Procedural Descriptions, System Enhancements, Policies, and Training Materials.

Northwestern Scholars - A searchable database of expertise across all disciplines at Northwestern University.

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Contact us: fasis@northwestern.edu