FASIS Monthly Accomplishments

    Each month a report is sent to the Enterprise Systems Executive Committee (ESEC) on the status of the FASIS Project. These documents are summarized below, by month.

    Click on the month for the appropriate summary
    January 2010 PDF Document January 2011 PDF Document
    February 2010 PDF Document February 2011 PDF Document
    March 2010 PDF Document March 2011 PDF Document
    April 2010 PDF Document April 2011 PDF Document
    May 2010 PDF Document May 2011 PDF Document
    June 2010 PDF Document June - August 2011 PDF Document
    July 2010 PDF Document September - October 2011 PDF Document
    August 2010 PDF Document
    September 2010 PDF Document
    October 2010 PDF Document
    November 2010 PDF Document
    December 2010 PDF Document