Tobacco Cessation Resources

Prescription and Non-prescription Cessation Aids

Students interested in utilizing prescription cessation aids will be referred to Dr. Indrani Hwang in the NUHS General Medicine clinic for an appointment. Non-prescription cessation aids may be ordered through the Pharmacy. Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage or reimbursement for these products. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hwang, call the Health Service at 847.491.2204.

Other Cessation Resources

The following local and national resources are available for Northwestern community members who are interested in quitting smoking. If you have general questions about tobacco cessation, please contact Lisa Currie, Director of Health Promotion and Wellness, at or 847.491.7168.

Evanston Health Department Break the Habit Program

The City of Evanston Health Department offers various resources for quitting tobacco use.

Chicago Respiratory Health Association Courage to Quit Program

Courage to Quit is a comprehensive group or individual tobacco treatment program for adults. Program leaders provide information, practice skills, and support to help you reach your smoke-free goals. Research on a wide variety of people who smoke by age, race and gender has shown that among people who initially enrolled in the program (attended first session), 32-73% quit smoking at the end of the first month, and 18-34% quit smoking at the end of six months.

The program is based on the work of Andrea King, PhD, a faculty member at the University of Chicago. Dr. King is a licensed psychologist with a research background in tobacco and other addictions. For program locations and further information, visit

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Quit Smoking Guidance

The CDC offers a list of resources to help individuals learn about the health consequences of smoking, secondhand smoke, and smokeless tobacco use plus suggestions to help quit smoking. Access the list at