Lisa Currie, MSEd

Lisa Currie, MSEd
Director of Health Promotion and Wellness

Phone: 847.491.7168

Strengths: Empathy | Input | Individualization | Developer | Harmony

Lisa joined Northwestern University in October 2009 as the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness. Her primary goal is to develop and implement health promotion efforts which create a campus environment that supports healthier lifestyle choices at the individual level. Areas of particular interest for Lisa include addressing health issues from an environmental management approach and the utilization of trained peer educators to address college health and safety issues.

Lisa's work is greatly influenced by her educational background in college student development and an interest in the influence of culture and media on health behavior. Currently, she is a doctoral student in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University. She previously worked at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. Born in Evanston and raised in Wisconsin, she is amazed to be living four blocks from where she was born after living in four states and twelve other cities.