Panhellenic Association

Monika Buska
Vice President of Risk Management, Panhellenic Association

Q: Why did you join a sorority?Monika Buska

A: I was first interested in joining a sorority because it ran in the family and I had friends from high school enjoying their Greek experiences at NU. As I spent more time on campus I realized the strength of Northwestern's Greek community; every day I saw a flyer for a cool philanthropy, read about discounts at local restaurants for wearing letters, or heard a story about a fun Greek outing. On top of that, the Greek upperclassmen I knew valued academics, camaraderie, and service like myself, and I wanted to be included in that vibrant network. Plus, I loved the idea of living in the beautiful sorority quad surrounded by my closest friends!

Q: What drives you to stay involved with the Fraternity and Sorority Community?

A: First and foremost, the support system I've developed within the Greek community is the best I have in Evanston. It’s the largest student network on campus so there's always someone available to offer advice, accompany me on trips to Chicago, or study with in the library. Furthermore, I've had an abundance of leadership experiences through Greek Life that I would not have acquired otherwise; I value these opportunities for campus involvement and am fortunate to work with staff and students who are also committed, organized, and enthusiastic about our community at NU!

Q: What is your favorite memory of Fraternity and Sorority Life?

A: As the Panhellenic VP of Risk Management, I worked with university staff and students to plan the Greek programming for Dillo Day this spring. In the morning we served pancakes on Sheridan road and that afternoon we handed out pizza and water bottles on the lakefill. Because of my role, I got a Dillo backstage pass and spent the day riding around on a golf cart with a walkie talkie; I loved it! I not only got to know NU officials and Evanston community members better, but it was a great way to spend the day with friends from many different chapters.

Q: How has your involvement in your sorority contributed to your Northwestern experience?

A: My Northwestern experience would not have been this rewarding had I not gone Greek. Not only do I have a sense of belonging, but the people that I have met, the leadership opportunities that I have had, and the higher standard that I hold myself to because of my affiliation have all made for an outstanding time at Northwestern. Throw in unique trips such as attending our grand convention and the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference and I can confidently say that being Greek has changed my Northwestern experience for the better.

Q: Any advice to potential members?

A: Forget any preconceived notions that you may have about Greek life. Instead, look around at the people on this campus who have gone Greek; our community is full of individuals who have chosen it to enhance their Northwestern experience. For that reason, each chapter boasts a variety of interests, majors, personalities, and values in their membership. Just be yourself and give it a shot; there truly is a place for everybody!