Multicultural Greek Council

Lucy Liu
Vice President of Administration, Multicultural Greek Council

Q: Why did you join a sorority?Lucy Liu

A: When I came to college I was interested in finding a group or organization that I could form a strong bond with during and beyond college. After meeting the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda I developed an instant connection and believed I could form a strong friendship with these girls. In addition, as I got to know not only the sisters but the Greek community as a whole I was enticed by how close knit the community was.

Q: What keeps you committed to the Fraternity and Sorority Community?

A: The incredible people I have met in the Greek Community have kept me actively committed and involved. The members of the Greek community share similar values of community service, scholarship and sisterhood and brotherhood. Witnessing this dedication demonstrated by members of the Greek community drives me to do the same.

Q: What is your favorite memory of Fraternity and Sorority Life?

A: My favorite memory is from the Greek Leadership Retreat where members from all four councils came together to talk about ways to improve programming and the Greek community as a whole. It was nice to see the entire Greek community come together, regardless of what chapter or council they were from, and work together to better each other.

Q: How has your involvement in your fraternity contributed to your Northwestern experience?

A: Being in Greek life has helped me develop leadership skills  that I have applied to my life outside of my sorority. From leadership retreats to working with my sisters to plan events on campus, being a sister in Kappa Phi Lambda has taught me valuable skills that I have been able to use in my every day life. In addition, through my sorority I have been able to develop a long lasting friendship which will continue beyond college.

Q: Any advice for potential members?

A: My advice for potential members would be to keep an open mind and don’t rule out Greek life because of misperceptions.