Interfraternity Council

Andrew Christy
Vice President of Membership Development, Interfraternity Council

Q: Why did you join a fraternity?Andrew Christy

A: I entered college uncertain whether I would join a Fraternity. I wanted to be certain to explore all of my options, particularly since Greek life was reputed to be such a rewarding part of the Northwestern experience. I really enjoyed having the entire fall quarter without the pressure of an early recruitment to check things out and see where I felt comfortable.  The more I talked to fraternity brothers and participated in recruitment events like dinners and a Bulls game, the more I felt like it was the right path for me. Coming from an all- male Jesuit high school, I felt a similar type of brotherhood within the fraternity community. As I developed relationships within the fraternity community, I saw the potential for this brotherhood to come to life for me again with friendships and leadership opportunities. All over campus I saw fraternity men taking on leadership roles in different organizations and groups. I knew this would be a great opportunity for growth and learning in terms of my personal abilities. My decision was ultimately made based on all of the positive aspects that I saw coming out of the entire Greek community.  Viewing the Greek involvement in community service and philanthropic organizations such as Dance Marathon, I knew this was something I had to be involved in and that it would greatly enhance my college experience.

Q: What keeps you committed to the Fraternity and Sorority Community?

A: For me, commitment and dedication go hand in hand when I feel that something is a valuable part of my life.  I will give my all for anything that I truly believe in.  This is the case for the Fraternity and Sorority community at Northwestern.  I have made lasting friendships and participated in meaningful events to help those in need, like rallying my Fraternity for Dance Marathon, the biggest philanthropic event on campus, to get our best showing in decades.

As for my part in Greek life, I want to keep building on the connections and experiences that the community has opened up for me.  I also want to make sure that all those who come after me have the same opportunity to enjoy the great experiences that I’ve had in this community.

Q: What is your favorite memory of Fraternity and Sorority life?

A: I am a huge sports fan and the start of another school year reminds me of all the fun associated with D1 college sports. Last year, at one of the Northwestern basketball games, my entire pledge class decided to paint our chests and stand in the front row for the heated NU vs. Illinois home basketball game.  One of the cameras panned over us for several seconds as we cheered loudly for the Cats.  The broadcasters joked that the cameraman had found “the future business leaders of America."  Later, I reflected on this statement and wondered where my Fraternity brothers would be working in 15 years.  The Fraternity community is so special because I know that down the road, when we are all in our respective jobs, we will still be close friends.  We will be able to look back on some of our amazing experiences in college, like cheering on our team together, and realize how much of an impact these experiences had on our character development and how much they set us up for our future.

Q: Any advice for potential members?

A: I would advise potential members to check out the fraternity community, just as they would look into any other college organization.   People can really be held back by preconceived notions and I would not want this to hinder anyone who might benefit from joining the fraternity community.  I would recommend that each person sample fraternity life for himself and explore whether it’s an opportunity that he is interested in pursuing.  There is plenty of time to get to know brothers of different chapters and check out the community for yourself.  Northwestern is a unique and awesome school.  One of my favorite elements of that uniqueness is that the Greek community at Northwestern is different from others I have experienced.  I would encourage people to check out the fraternity community to see if it is something that would benefit their college experience, as it did for me.  At the very least, you can get some free food at Sunday Night Dinners!