Overview of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Membership Breakdown

~8100 Undergraduate Students at Northwestern University
2766 Students affiliated with a Fraternity or Sorority (32%)
IFC Chapters 1203 members (16 groups) Average Chapter Size - 75
MGC Chapters 65 members (5 groups) Average Chapter Size - 13
NPHC Chapters 46 members (7 groups) Average Chapter Size - 7
Panhellenic Chapters 1452 members (12 groups) Average Chapter Size - 121

Demographic Breakdown

*Information is based on how students self-identify by gender.
Men (28%)*
IFC Chapters 1194 Members
MGC Fraternities 10 Members
NPHC Fraternities 18 Members
Women (36%)*
IFC Chapters 9 Members (Evans Scholars)
MGC Sororities 55 Members
NPHC Sororities 28 Members
Panhellenic Sororities 1452 Members

Number of Joined Students to a Fraternity or Sorority

*Northwestern University participates in Deferred Recruitment, in which no first-year students are permitted to join a fraternity or sorority until Winter Quarter.
Class Standing Number of Students
First-Year* 668
Second-Year 790
Third-Year 704
Forth-Year and above 604

Living Arrangements

*On-campus chapter housing is only available to members of IFC and Panhellenic chapters.
Housing Number of Students
On-Campus 866 reside in a Fraternity or Sorority house*
1033 reside in a Residence Hall
Off-Campus 777 reside in an off-campus facility
Temporary 78 who are abroad, on an internship, or JR.