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GLUU: Out at NU

On this page find individuals who identifiy as queer or queer-friendly. If you would like your name included on this page or need to update your listing, please e-mail the webmaster with a brief bio.

Gregory Ward
Professor of Linguistics (PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1985).
Main researach areas: Pragmatics, discourse, cognitive science.
Of particular L/G/B/T interest is a course I teach regularly entitled "Language and Sexual Diversity" (Linguistics C30); the course examines the ways in which speakers use language to construct, negotiate, present, and/or conceal their sexual identity and orientation.

Mary Weismantel
Professor of Linguistics (PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1985).
I am a bisexual woman and a member of the Women's Studies department (as well as the department of anthropology), and teach a few courses on gender and sexuality. I LOVE having gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans, and every other kind of student in my class, it's always much more fun and everyone learns more.

Vincent McCoy
Technical Support Consultant
Northwestern University Library
NU Class of 1975 (School of Music)
Vince was one of the founding members in the early 1970's of the NU gay/lesbian undergraduate organization now known as BGALA. He currently maintains the mailing list for the Annual Gay and Lesbian Homecoming Reception. Vince is also the listowner of the GLUU listserv and helps to maintain the GLUU Web page. Vince met his partner Wayne MacPherson while they were both NU undergraduates and they have been together ever since, now over 25 years. Vince has been an University employee since 1975. His current job is to provide computer training and support for the staff of the University Library.

Seth Tisue
Software Engineer, School of Education and Social Policy
I live in Cambridge, MA and work remotely for the university.
M.S., Computer Science, Northwestern University (2000) B.S.
Mathematics/Computer Science, University of Chicago (1993)
I'm bisexual.

Robert Noven
I am an Instructor of Internal Medicine at the medical school. I graduated from NUMS in 1984, completed my residency in 1987 and have been in practice since that time. I would like the opportunity to serve as a resource for the GLBTQ community at the medical school.
Medical School Class of 1984

Jeffrey Masten
Associate Professor of English and Comp Lit
In addition to some ongoing research and writing projects on the history of sexuality and masculinity, I regularly teach a Comp Lit course called "The Drama of Homosexuality" (CLS C-12).

Lane Fenrich
Assistant Dean, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Northwestern University, 1922 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-4030, 847-491-7560
History Department, Harris Hall, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208-2220, 847-467-4716
I teach in the history department, including courses on U.S. Lesbian and Gay History (which, like GLUU, has a more expansive focus than it's name suggests) and on the history of the AIDS epidemic. I'm also Assistant Dean for Freshman in Weinberg.

Juergen Hohaus
Doctoral student in Economics
MS from Purdue University (2000)

Aaron Parks
Associate Director, Risk & Controls; Office of Audit & Advisory Services
Also - Alumni, B.A. Secondary Ed/Math - SESP (1988)
Part of NU gay student group from 1985-1988, happy to be out gay staff member and part of NUGALA (alumni group) now.
Proud member of local Chicago leather community including membership in many gay leather organizations.
Feel free to ask me any business related questions about risk, internal controls, or governance. Also feel free to ask me any questions related to the gay leather, kink, or fetish communities.

Bridget E. Canavan
I teach self-defense against hate crimes to LGBT folks through Chimera Self-Defense and the Thousands Waves Martial Arts and Self-Defense Center. I also teach sexual assault prevention to women through Chimera Self-Defense. I want to learn all I can about LGBT domestic violence and eventually teach seminars in LGBT domestic violence prevention. I have been training in karate for 10 years and I hold the rank of black belt. I practice Shambala Buddhism -- and I do mean 'practice;' I fall off my own path a lot. Oh yeah, I work in the Information Technology division of the University Library in Evanston. B.A. from Siena College (Loudonville, N.Y.) A.M. from University of Chicago - you know where that is.

Danny M. Cohen
Ph.D. Candidate in the Learning Sciences, School of Education and Social Policy
Research: Holocaust pedagogy. My work includes training educators to effectively teach about the Holocaust with the explicit goal of applying lessons from history to contemporary cases of oppression and genocide. I am particularly interested in designing education about the current oppression and persecution around the world of lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual people.

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Updated: 9/9/2009