Radulovacki Global Health Research Fellowship

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The Radulovacki Scholars Program for Global Health Research is designed to create research opportunities for Northwestern students. This fellowship, administered by the Weinberg College of Sciences, funds strong, well-prepared, and creative projects. Applicants may design research projects for implementation abroad or in the US.

Award details

Awards are based on quality of the research proposal, relevant previous experience, and academic merit. The award amount range is up to $4,000.


The Radulovacki Scholars Program for Global Health Research is open to all degree-seeking Northwestern undergraduate students who are enrolled at the university at the time of the fellowship.  The fellowship cannot be used after graduation from Northwestern.

All applicants must complete the Global Health course Qualitative Research Methods OR submit proof of comparable classwork before the project begins.

Application deadline

March 19, 2018


Micki Burton, Program Assistant, at micki.burton@northwestern.edu

Past winners

2017 winners

  • Yasmine Diara, Jacob Saloman, and Christina Shehata, "The GlobeMed at Northwestern GROW Team: Partnership Development and Capacity Building with a Grassroots Organization in Rural Uganda" 

2016 winners

  • Camille Cooley, Udita Persaud, Aysha Salter-Volz, and Jimmy Wester, "Exploring Community Health Assets and Resources of Namugoga, Uganda: An Ethnographic Study"
  • Subin Hwang, "Public Healthcare in Germany: The Response to the Influx of Refugees and Migrants"

2015 winners

  • Petrina LaFaire and Anna Rietti, "Noise Intensity and Incidence in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Cape Town, South Africa)"
  • Elaine Shen, "The Role of Family Support for Diabetes Management in Beijing, China"

2014 winners

  • Kathleen Ferraro, "Cultural Preservation and Health: The Integration of Modern Medicine in Indigenous Communities?"
  • Rajiv Varandani, "GUSTO: Growing Up in Singapore Towards Health Outcomes - A Birth Cohort Study"

2013 winners

  • Akansha Singh, "Analysis of the Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anemia and an Intervention for its Reduction in Rural Haryana, India"
  • Maya Krasnow, "Guatemala Children in Crisis Project: Mobile Technology as a Solution for Undernourishment"
  • Supriya Rastogi, "How can Strict Legislation Impact the Tobacco Culture of Spain: Is Spain a Model to Follow?"

2012 winners

  • Prathyusha Chenji, "Effects of Religious Dietary Restrictions on Nutritional Anemia in Women"
  • Connie Yang, "Perception of Eyeglasses in Tegucigalpa, Honduras"'

2011 winners

  • Sophie Ewald, "Frequency of Atrial Fibrillation and Silent Stroke in Marathon Runners"
  • Marielle Meurice, "Social Factors Associated with or Influencing Prevention and Treatment of Obstetric Fistula in Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda"

2010 winners

  • Rebecca Cook, "Relationship Power Among Couples in Accra, Ghana"
  • Esha Khurana, "Cataract Blindness in Rohtak, India"
  • Sarah Cohick, "A Look at Spina Bifada in Mbale, Uganda"