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UNIVERSITY FACULTY SENATE (Structure before January 2011)

See FACULTY SENATE for information on the new governanace structure.




The University Senate considers matters of general interest to the University and matters that affect more than one school. It may make recommendations on matters of educational policy. It may recommend candidates for honorary degrees. It may elect special and standing committees of faculty members to consider matters within the powers of the senate.

The membership of the senate includes all faculty at the ranks of assistant professor and above (adjunct, contributed service, and visiting faculty excluded.)

The officers of the senate are a presiding officer, who is the president of the University, and a secretary elected by the members. The provost may by delegation preside in place of the president.

Historical Point of reference documents:

GFC Charter from 1959
Faculty Senate Minutes from January 30, 1975


UPDATE: January 28, 2010, the Northwestern University Faculty Senate voted 70 to 5 in favor of a resolution to adopt the proposed, new Faculty-Administration Shared Governance documents

Adopted document: 01-28-2010


Faculty Senate Meeting Information:

Faculty Senate Meeting Materials:

June 2010 Agenda
June 2010 Minutes

January 2010 Agenda - Special Meeting
January 2010 Minutes - Special Meeting

October 2009 Agenda
October 2009 Minutes

May 2009 Agenda
May 2009 Minutes

October 2008 Agenda
October 2008 Minutes

May 2008 Agenda
May 2008 Minutes

May 2007 Agenda
May 2007 Minutes

November 2006 Agenda
November 2006 Minutes

May 2006 Agenda
May 2006 Minutes

May 2005 Agenda
May 2005 Minutes

November 2004 Agenda
November 2004 Minutes

June 2004 Agenda
June 2004 Minutes

November 2003 Agenda
November 2003 Minutes

March 2003 Agenda
March 2003 Minutes

December 2002 Agenda
December 2002 Minutes

November 2001 Agenda
November 2001 Minutes

May 2001 Agenda
May 2001 Minutes



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