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We of the General Faculty Committee (GFC) hope that faculty will welcome this opportunity to freely share their ideas, problems and solutions with their colleagues.  The GFC charter from 1939 states: “…this Committee shall be empowered to consider any matters of general University policy on its own initiative or matters referred to it by the faculty of any of the separate schools….” In keeping with the spirit of our charter, we hope that faculty response to this effort will be supportive and plentiful, and that this forum will result in the rebirth of faculty involvement in University life.

The General Faculty Forum is a forum for discussion of any matters of interest to the faculty.  In its current form, the forum is accessible by anybody with a Northwestern netid. Future upgrades will limit access to faculty and academic administrators only.
At its meeting on May 4, 2005, the General Faculty Committee passed a motion to the effect that all postings to the General Faculty Forum should be signed--like letters to the editor.  Faculty members wishing to remain anonymous are encouraged to communicate directly with members of the GFC.

To access the General Faculty Forum you will need your nedtid and password. The following link will take you to the website:

General Faculty Forum - Blog

Please note: When posting a comment, a window will appear requesting your name, email address and URL. Your name and email address are required, but will not be posted with your comment. This information remains anonymous. Please disregard the default URL request.



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