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Learn more about ways you can positively impact the environment.

Green Living
The Green Living Guide serves as a resource for students living on-campus. The guide features sustainable initiatives at NU and what students can do to live more sutainably in regards to energy, waste, food, transportation, water, and purchasing.

Justin GillisJustin Gillis is a reporter covering environmental science and policy for The New York Times. At Northwestern, he talked about what is happening to the climate, why much of the public is oblivious, and how well American journalism is–or is not–bridging the gap. Click here to view his presentation. 

What you can do to stop global warming
Whether it's changing a light or riding a bike, you can help improve the ozone. See ten simple things you can do to save pounds of carbon dioxide and help prevent global warming. 

NU'S Recycling Report Card
See how much energy Northwestern saved last year by recycling.

 Additional resources
Recycling doesn't stop at your blue garbage can at home. Here are some easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint right here at NU.

Environmental Action

Why recycle? Take a look and see what you can contribute just by sorting your trash!

Learn more about easy sustainability efforts you can make at Northwestern.

Campus recycling information