Capital projects


Funding must be approved prior to the start of the construction process.

FMP emailStep 1:
Requestor must send an email to .


•Contact person (Include email address and phone number)
•Project sponsor (Department/school; include email address and phone number)
•Location (building, floor)
•Type of space (e.g. lab, office)
•Size (approx. sq ft)
•What needs to be done (Be specific as possible.)
•Reason/purpose (e.g. new staff, faculty relocation)

Step 2:
Requestor will be contacted by a Facilities Planner within 10 days to review project details.

Step 3:
The Facilities Planner will schedule a meeting with the requestor to develop a conceptual space plan and preliminary program.

Step 4: Internal to FM
The Facilities Planner will consider other proposed and existing projects and outline how the current Capital Project request can be accommodated.

Step 5:
The Facilities Planner will meet with requestor to review options.
Note: This step may recur one or more times.

Step 6:
The Facilities Planner confirms with requestor that all requirements are being met in the final plans.

Step 7:
Requestor must confirm department approval and funding.

Step 8:
The project will then be assigned to FMDC or FMO

Step 9:
An official estimate is given to the requestor.

Step 10:
Requestor, with assistance from FM, opens account with Budget Office.

Step 11:
Project begins.