Deering Library Entrance

Project status

Construction start: Spring 2012
Completion: Summer 2012 (exterior)

Project Description & Statistics

The Charles Deering Library opened its doors in January 1933. Designed by James Gamble Rogers in the Collegiate Gothic style, it served as the main library until 1970, when the new university library opened. The main (west) entrance to Deering was closed, and access was then re-directed through its eastern façade, which is connected to the main library complex. This enabled the rich icongraphic and ornamental characteristics expressed by carved wood and stone elements, stained glass, ornamental plaster, artwork, and furnishings to remain largely undisturbed. The building is considered one of the finest examples of the work of James Gamble Rogers, is a City of Evanston landmark, and an icon of the Evanston campus.

The Deering Library entrance renovation project is focused on two primary goals: re-opening the building's main entrance for public use and making the Deering Library an accessible facility.
Project scope includes restoring the west lobby for access, collection display and security control, implementing improvements necessary to create an accessible route to and through the west entrance into the Main Library, and ambient upgrades to the Deering lower-level north corridor to create a display gallery.  Work includes installing new exterior sloped walkways to the building's loggia, interior air-lock vestibules and a security desk, improvements to exterior and interior lighting, way-finding and vertical circulation, all which will be seamlessly integrated into the rich character so elegantly expressed by James Gamble Rogers.

Project Team

Project Management

Ron Nayler, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
Bonnie Humphrey, Director Facilities Management Design & Construction
Robert Carlton, Project Manager


Architect, Engineers & Consultants

H.B.R.A. Architects, Chicago, IL

W.M.A. Engineers, Chicago, IL

General Contractor


Contact information

All questions or complaints should be directed to:

Robert Carlton, Project Manager
Northwestern University
Facilities Management Design & Construction
2020 Ridge Avenue, Suite 259A
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847-467-7499