Project Process

Facilities Management provides technical expertise and management services for the design and construction of capital projects. Our Design and Construction  and Operations division guides the physical development of the Evanston and Chicago campuses, with resources that may include central funding, school and or department funding, fundraising, and grants. 

Northwestern University construction projects are divided into two main categories: Capital Projects and Non-Capital Projects.

Capital Projects include new construction, renovations, alterations or enhancements to buildings over $100,000.
  • Financing may come from within a school/department and or central funding, but may come from other sources such as gifts to the university or fund-raising events.
  • Funding must be approved by the Central Budget Committee.
Non-Capital Projects include renovations, alterations or enhancements to buildings LESS THAN $100,000.
  • Financing for Non-Capital Projects  generally comes from within a school or department. Funding must be approved prior to the start of the construction process.
  • Estimate requests can be entered into FAMIS Self-Service.

If you are interested in beginning a Capital Project, click here for further instruction.

If you are interested in beginning a Non-Capital Projectclick here for further instruction.


Project budgeting
Find a breakdown of the fixed and soft costs that are included in the “total project cost” estimate for a project.

Bidding guidelines
Northwestern solicits competitive bids from selected general contractors by invitation and according to a set of pre-determined guidlines.

Current and upcoming projects
View lists of construction projects that are out for bid, were recently awarded bids, or currently under construction.

Completed projects
View project specifications and photos of completed construction projects.