FM Strategic Plan

  1. Become Customer Centric
    FM will provide seamless, efficient, effective service to our Customers. We will be proactive, respectful and responsive to their needs and provide a customer-friendly experience.
  2. Provide Stewardship
    FM will provide ongoing care of the University’s physical assets through innovative leadership and [a balance of] [balancing] environmental responsibility, preservation of its history, enhancement of its facilities, maintenance, and responsible fiscal management.
  3. Commit to Long-Term Planning
    FM will develop and implement long-range plans to optimize assets to accommodate needs, and through the use of emerging technologies, FM will pursue innovative solutions in collaboration with Stakeholders.
  4. Enhance Organizational Culture
    FM will encourage trust and empowerment through teamwork and open communication. FM will provide opportunities for organizational, professional, and individual growth. We appreciate and seek diversity.
  5. Develop and Optimize Systems and Processes
    FM processes will be developed, redefined, and improved for ethics, efficiency and effectiveness. These processes will be supported by optimistic and integrated IT systems designed to be customer friendly. Related performance measures will be developed, monitored and documented through benchmarking against best practices in the industry.
  6. Improve External Relations
    FM will be a collaborative partner with our extended communities and our affiliated institutions. Improved relationships will further the goals of both NU and these constituencies, and will enhance the University’s reputation as a valuable member of the community.

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