Campus Planning

The Office for Planning helps strategize about the ways that the Evanston and Chicago campuses will be developed and buildings will be used.

Planning services
At the request of University administration, the Office of Planning will evaluate space or facilities, explore options for facilities and landscape spaces, and provide expert advice.

Planning studies
Campus planning studies from the past decade are available to be downloaded and reviewed.

Space assignment
All space, which is owned by Northwestern University, is assigned to schools, departments and individuals. While the Provost is the ultimate arbiter of how space is assigned, Facilities Management helps calculate square footage and record assignments.

Planning objectives
The Office of Planning is working to improve the information about Northwestern’s facilities and space inventory. This includes developing systems to collect, store and distribute this information with the following target areas:

  • Implementing space information systems that can verify organized research space (which is used in cost-rate negotiations with the Federal government);
  • Collecting and analyzing information about ADA improvements and deferred maintenance;
  • Documenting and analyzing information about parking, pedestrian movement and the context of campus buildings.

This information supports Facilities Management’s other functions, from maintaining campus buildings to assisting with the project management of design and construction projects.