Strategic Planning

In 2013, FM began an in-depth Strategic Planning Initiative, partnered with HighBar Consulting to ensure the plan was successful and impactful for our customers. Five strategic priorities were created, to be used as goals for performance. They are:

Customer Experience
Work in collaboration with our customers to provide superior quality, cost competitive and timely service, and solutions that exceed client expectations.

Develop and foster thought-leading ideas, practices, and technologies to further FM’s strategy and the mission and vision of the University.

sp1Organization and Talent
Attract, grow, and retain great talent by offering challenging and meaningful work within and integrated, high-performing organization with a culture built on leadership, teamwork, mutual trust, respect, empowerment, diversity, and integrity.

Establish and cultivate on-going partnerships with Northwestern constituents, surrounding communities, academic peers, and business partners.

Plan, design, build, operate, and maintain an outstanding and sustainable physical environment. Manage NU’s physical assets by balancing the preservation of its history, the enhancement of its natural and built environment, sustainability, and fiscal responsibility.

FM is now activating a five-year project phase based on this strategic plan.  Twenty-two “first-tier” projects are approved to proceed.  The remaining “second-tier” projects will be scheduled later during the five-year plan through a staged deployment of staff and revenue resources.

The first four projects have been selected:

  • Create an ongoing FM presence at the NU employee orientation
  • Develop a recruiting resource guide for use by hiring managers
  • Review each shop space to identify both short term improvements and long term plans to maximize creativity and collaboration
  • Improve the existing onboarding process with updated information and improved methods