Garrett Parking Lot Construction

Construction will begin soon in the first step of a major project on the Evanston campus to provide state-of-the-art traffic lights at the entrance of the Garrett parking lot, located east of Sheridan Road between Library Place and Garrett Place.

The construction, which begins Monday, Aug. 29, will result in a road reconfiguration in the Garrett parking lot and provide an identifiable central entranceway to the Evanston campus that will be called Northwestern Place. The entranceway will be in keeping with the University’s long-term framework plan.

Garrett Parking-current Garrett Parking-new
Future Garrett Parking Configuration

During construction, temporary traffic and directional signs will be placed in the parking lot -- and extra precaution is advised. The current north-exit driveway of the parking lot will be closed, and the current south entrance lane will temporarily become a two-lane roadway.

Construction of the intersection and in the parking lot is anticipated to be complete around this Thanksgiving, and the traffic light work is expected to begin after Commencement 2012.

As part of the project, the University will gift the traffic lights to the City of Evanston.

The new signalized intersection will include a left turn lane for exiting the campus to travel south and a second lane for right turns to head north. A new crosswalk will be installed to provide a safer route to cross Sheridan Road in this location.

In 2012, the City of Evanston will synchronize the traffic lights on Sheridan Road in the vicinity of campus to provide a smoother and safer traffic flow for Sheridan Road users. The upgrade will improve safety and fuel efficiency and reduce pollution.

Reconfiguration of the parking lot and the fire lane/service drive serving Lunt Hall and the Jacobs Center is necessary to accommodate Evanston Fire Department vehicles. The size of the emergency vehicles has dictated the new layout. The driveway north of Swift Hall/CRESAP will be realigned and straightened and a new pedestrian route will be created to allow a much safer crossing of this drive at the central spine of campus.

New energy efficient lighting will be installed to provide greater security in the parking lot and the newly created walkways. New blue light emergency phones and closed-circuit television cameras will also be installed as part of the project. New landscaping will be placed in and around the parking lot with upgraded bicycle racks provided at several locations.