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CUFS2000 Manual and Visual aids to help create purchase orders, modifications and receiver documents.

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CUFS training classes. Conducted on the Evanston and Chicago Campuses

University Financial Policies and Procedures
Travel, Purchasing,and Cash Handling, eCommerce, etc.

CUFS Access Request, Adding Accounts, Travel E
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Current and archieved newsletters from Financial Systems. News, tips and helpful information for using the CUFS Systems.

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View Direct Access to Financial Reports


Reports you can view:

The FM324 report provides daily information critical to the payment process associated with university purchase orders (PDs) and is available to most CUFS users.  Purchase orders require a three-way match to activate payment to the vendor.  The three-way match consists of: purchase order, vendor invoice, and receiver.  The FM324 reports those purchase orders that have been matched to a vendor invoice, but still require a receiver (RC) to be processed in order for payment to be made. 

Access to the FM324 report is based on the SHIP TO codes used on purchase orders.  A SHIP TO code is used to designate the address to which goods/services are to be delivered; they can be seen in the SHIP table within the CUFS system.

The FMMNTHLY report is the combined CUFS monthly budget statements including the FM162 - a detail report of revenue, expense, and budget; the FM160 - non-sponsored accounts summary report; NG32 - sponsored project summary report; NA31 - sub-organization summary report. Access is based on 4th reporting organization number for all accounts in the reporting org.

The NWFA6115 report - The Graduate School commitments to sponsored projecs. View actual and expected tuition charges for sponsored projects. Access is based on Area-Org and 4th reporting org.

The FM170 report - Open Encumbrance Report lists the transactions that still have commitments open on each account.

If you do not have access to these reports fill out a View Direct Access Request Form. The form must be signed by the user, supervisor, and the Dean or Area Manager.

To access these financial reports open a current version of either Internet Explorer or Netscape (Macs) to the following URL:

You will need to know your NETID(e-mail) and your e-mail password to be able to sign in to the View Direct report system.

If you cannot access this report, contact Financial Systems Helpline at 847-467-3777.

Once there follow the instructions found in the View Direct (also known as DocumentDirect for the Internet or Mobius) Manual.

View Direct Manual (PDF) Print Version


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