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Goettsch Partners - Michael Kaufman

Goettsch Partners

August 16, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel
City of Chicago
Chicago City Hall, 5th Floor
121 N. LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60602

RE: Prentice Pavilion

Dear Mayor Emanuel,

On the issue of landmark status for Prentice Pavilion, in my opinion, landmark status should be reserved to only those buildings that characterize the best work of a period of time, the best work of an important individual architect or for a structure that has an important place in the history of a city or very famous individual (the “George Washington slept here” concept). Bertrand Goldberg was an important architect and several of his buildings were remarkable examples of the architecture of a particular period of time. Marina City comes to mind, and should be protected and given landmark status. However, as is true with all architects, some of his buildings were better than others, and I think only those that were truly remarkable should be protected.

I do not think that the Prentice Pavilion represents the best work of Bertrand Goldberg nor do I think it is the best work of a particular period of time. Based on this line of reason, I do not believe that it is worthy of being given landmark status.


Michael F. Kaufman, AIA, LEED AP