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Risk Management

Reynold Andre
Interim Director & Claims Manager
Office of Risk Management 2020 Ridge Avenue Suite # 240
Evanston, Illinois 60208-4335
Phone: 847-491-5610
Fax: 847-467-7475
E-mail: risk@northwestern.edu


The Office of Risk Management is committed to protecting the University's human, physical and financial assets through:

  • the prevention of adverse incidents through training, education, and inspection;
  • the procurement of insurance products;
  • fair and responsible claims administration;
  • the advising of senior management on how to best provide future protection against key risks given the University's ambitious strategic plans.

The Office of Risk Management oversees a variety of the University's insurance programs, including automobile, general and professional liability, property, fine arts, workers' compensation, student hospitalization, visiting scholars' health, short and long term employee disability and special events. The Office of Risk Management also focuses on employee safety and loss prevention.

Staffing and daily administration of the University's separately incorporated insurance entity, Rubicon Insurance Company is provided by the Office of Risk Management.