Bill for Goods or Services Sold by a University Unit


The NU Invoice is a standard document for billing external individuals and organizations that have purchased goods or services from a university unit. The NU Invoice and subsequent customer payment are processed by Accounting Services through NUFinancials.

Processing Flow

The University unit prepares the NU Invoice and sends the original and remittance copies to the customer. Additional copies are sent to Accounting Services for processing. The invoice is recorded as an account receivable in NUFinancials and the corresponding revenue is credited to the department account indicated on the invoice. When the customer remits payment to Accounting Services, the account receivable is reduced by the amount of payment received.

How to Complete an Invoice

Enter billing data as indicated on the NU Invoice form. All information should be typed. Specific instructions follow for special data requirements. Example of New Invoice

  • Invoice Number: Each unit will use a unique numbering system beginning with three letters of the unit name followed by the 2-digit month, 2-digit day and four-digit fiscal year (9/1 – 8/31) and ending with a daily instance (i.e. 01-99). For example, an invoice for Accounting Services would be: ACS1107200801.
  • Invoice Date: Use the date the invoice is sent to Accounting Services.
  • Customer ID: Accounting Services creates a unique code for each of its customers. The required code length is 5 characters. List of Existing Customer IDs. To create a new customer ID, contact Accounting Services at 847-491-5337. Customer Name & Address: Complete information is needed to set up the customer ID above.
  • Line Number: Each line item on the invoice must be assigned a line number, beginning with 01.
  • Accounting Information: The unit assigns a NUFinancials chart string for each line item and amount on the invoice. Description should be as complete as possible to identify the goods or services provided.
  • Total: The total of all line amounts must be entered at the bottom of the form even if only one line item and amount is listed.

Then, the unit sends the invoice to the customer with a remittance copy while retaining a copy for the Billing Department. One copy should be sent to Accounting Services, Attn: Polina Khait, 619 Clark, Rm. 223, Evanston Campus.

How to Modify an Invoice

Changes may be made to an outstanding NU Invoice by submitting a new invoice form to Accounting Services. Use the same invoice number as the original and check “Modify” in the TYPE OF ENTRY box. Only enter lines to be modified, any unchanged lines should not be shown on the modification invoice. For each line to be modified, enter the line number and the change in the amount. If the modification to the original invoice is an increase, enter a positive number in the amount column. If the modification to the original invoice is a decrease, enter a negative number in the amount column. Distribute copies as above. Invoice Modification Example

Payment Processing

Customers should remit payment directly to the Accounting Services address as printed on the NU Invoice form. If payment is not processed through Accounting Services, the invoice will remain outstanding.

How to Monitor an Invoice

Accounting Services sends a list of outstanding invoices to each unit on a monthly basis so that the unit can follow-up on unpaid invoices. However, you can request information on outstanding invoice amounts from Accounting Services at any time. Invoices should be paid within 30 days of submission to Accounting Services. Any uncollectible invoices will be charged back to the originating unit.


Contact Information

Questions about NU Invoice Processing? Contact Accounting Services at 847-491-5337 or