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Inactivate a Chart String or ChartField Value

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Use the ChartField Request Form to inactivate a ChartField value or Chart String.  Effective date and reason for inactivation must be provided.

Inactivate ChartField Process

  1. The Requestor completes the online ChartField Request Form, available on the NU Portal Finance and Budgeting tab, for inactivating a DeptID, Project, Program or Account.
  2. The Requestor routes the form for approval within the school or unit (per the school- or unit-determined approval process).
  3. An authorized Submitter, who has been pre-registered to request ChartField changes for the school or unit, emails the approved form to: ChartField_request@northwestern.edu.  The Submitter can also fax or mail the form to Accounting Services.
  4. The ChartField Maintenance (CM) unit in the Controller’s Office logs receipt of the form and does a preliminary review for completeness and initial coding.
  5. Depending on the request, the form is routed to the Budget Office for approval.
  6. The form routes back to the CM unit for finalization and system update.
  7. The CM unit notifies the Submitter and Requestor of completion of inactivation and copies additional individuals or offices as directed on the form.


Contact Information

Questions about…

Requesting inactivation of a chart string or ChartField value?

Contact Accounting Services Chartfield Maintenance unit at 847-491-5337 or ChartField_request@northwestern.edu