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Authorize a Submitter to Request ChartField Changes

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Each school or unit must identify a Submitter who will be pre-registered to submit ChartField maintenance requests to the Controller’s Office.  Schools or units should establish their own representative, the Submitter, who will register and be responsible for submitting on behalf of their management area.  A Dean or Senior Administrator approval is required to register.  Subsequent submissions from a registered Submitter are assumed to be approved by their management area.

To register a Submitter:

  1. The Submitter, identified by the school or unit, completes the ChartField Maintenance Registration form     
  2. The Submitter gets Dean or Senior Administrator approval.
  3. The Submitter sends the approved form via:
    1. E-mail - a  PDF sent to the new mailbox address ChartField_request@northwestern.edu
    2. Fax  - 847-467-7261
    3. Mail – 619 Clark, Room 217
  4. The ChartField Maintenance (CM) unit in the Controller’s Office logs receipt of the form, reviews for completeness, and reviews and updates Submitter registration records.
  5. The CM unit notifies the Submitter and Dean or Senior Administrator approver that the Submitter is authorized to submit ChartField changes.


  • Chartfield Maintenance Registered Submitter List - an authorized submitter list is available from Chartfield maintenance. Please email ChartField_request@northwestern.edu.

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Questions about…

Registering a ChartField Maintenance Submitter?

Contact Accounting Services Chartfield Maintenance unit at 847-491-5337 or ChartField_request@northwestern.edu