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Corporate Card (Amex)

The AMEX Corporate Card is Back!

Treasury Operations is pleased to announce that it will once again offer the American Express Corporate Card to be used for business travel-related expenses.

 What are the Advantages?

 The NU American Express Corporate Card will have a number of significant benefits to Faculty and Staff:

  • No Annual Fee
  • Membership Rewards
  • Paperless / Online Account Management
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Customer Service—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—Toll Free 800-528-2122

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who incurs business-related expenses can have a card issued to them with managerial approval.

I already have a Card.  Do these new benefits apply to me?


Please click on the following link to be directed to the “FAQs” section for additional information:


How do I Apply?

Before you apply, please review the Northwestern University travel policy. A link to this travel policy can be found here: http://www.northwestern.edu/financial-operations/policies-procedures/policies/travel.pdf.

Once familiar with the travel policy, please click on the links below to complete the “Data and Approval Form” and “Card Agreement Form”:

FOR FSM USE ONLY: Please use the links below for the “Data and Approval Form” and “Card Agreement Form”:

Where Do I Send the Completed Forms?

Once these forms are filled out and signed off by a manager, please scan and e-mail to ccard@northwestern.edu and also inter-office original documents to Joseph Stolz in Treasury Operations at 619 Clark St. in Evanston for processing.

Once you Receive the Card

Upon receiving your card, please activate it using the Online Activation and Registration or Telephone Activation and Online Registration.

Online Activation and Registration:

Upon receiving the card, please review the terms and conditions of the Card and activate it online at http://www.americanexpress.com/activate

Once activated, you must also register your account on Manage Your Card Account (MYCA) and, if you choose to, to enroll in Membership Rewards.  Additional details regarding MYCA are below.

Telephone Activation and Online Registration:

Upon receiving the card, please call the telephone number listed on the sticker located on the front of the card and follow the prompts to activate the card.  Once activated, you must also register your account on Manage Your Card Account (MYCA) and, if you choose to, to enroll in Membership Rewards.  Additional details regarding MYCA are below.

If you experience any problems during activation, please call American Express at 1-800-528-2122.

Manage Your Card Account (MYCA) Online

After activating your new AMEX Corporate Card, you must register with American Express online through Manage Your Card Account (MYCA).  Paper statements are not available.  Please visit www.americanexpress.com/checkyourbill to register your account. 

MYCA provides 24/7 access to

  • Account Information
  • Billing Activity
  • Statement View / Downloads
  • Setting-up of alerts
  • Inquiry Initiation
  • Registration for Membership Rewards
  • Redemption/transferring of points
  • Global Travel Tip Sheet Library which is an easy-to-use resource that includes over 100 travel tip sheets cardmembers can download and use when traveling for business.  Each tip sheet contains AMEX merchants in particular categories such as hotels and restaurants, as well as information regarding navigating transportation.  For more information please visit: http://corp.americanexpress.com/gcs/cards/land/travelertipsheet.aspx

Membership Rewards® Program

If you also have a personal American Express card and are enrolled in Membership Rewards, the Northwestern AMEX Corporate Card can be registered to the same Membership Rewards account.  If you had a previous AMEX Corporate Card, you will need to update your Membership Rewards account accordingly, request to transfer points, etc.

For assistance in enrolling in Membership Rewards or to manage your existing Membership Rewards account, please contact the Membership Rewards Customer Service Team at 800-238-8087, option 3 or visit http://www.membershiprewards.com/HomePage.aspx.

Monthly Billing Statement and Expense Reports

Billing Statement

By signing into Manage Your Card Account (MYCA) at www.americanexpress.com/checkyourbill to view your statement, registered card members can receive an e-mail notification when their billing statement is ready.  Other alerts, such as when a balance exceeds a particular threshold, can also be set-up to help manage the account.

Expense Reports

The cardholder is personally responsible for the reconciliation of all business-related transactions and timely submissions of all reports for expense reimbursements.