Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship


The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States undertakes to encourage the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of ideas in science and technology between the United States and Great Britain. The Foundation chooses 14 winners each year. Most Churchill Scholars have been National Merit Scholars, Finalists, or Commended Scholars, and many have held Goldwater Scholarships. Beyond the number grid, however, lies an extra measure of difference-the spark of originality that sets the quirky problem-solver off from other high achievers. NU, as one of 101 selected institutions in the country, may nominate only two students.


Graduating seniors and Alumni up to the age of 26 in math, the sciences, or engineering are allowed to apply through their undergraduate institution.

Award Amount

One year of study at the University of Cambridge


Northwestern holds internal competition to select nominees. Applications due in to Office of Fellowships on internal deadline date.

Applicants for the Churchill Scholarship must now apply separately to the University of Cambridge no later than mid-October.


Monday, November 9, 2015