SSRC International Dissertation Field Research Fellowships


The International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship (IDRF) program provides support for social scientists and humanists conducting dissertation field research in all areas and regions of the world. The IDRF awards enable doctoral candidates of proven achievement and outstanding potential to use their knowledge of distinctive cultures, societies, languages, economies, polities, and histories, in combination with their disciplinary training, to address issues that transcend their disciplines or area specializations. The program supports scholarship that treats place and setting in relation to broader phenomena as well as in particular historical and cultural contexts. Standard fellowships will provide support for nine to twelve months in the field, plus travel expenses. In some cases, the candidate may propose fewer than nine months of overseas fieldwork, but no award will be given for fewer than six months.


The program is open to full-time graduate students in the humanities and social sciences - regardless of citizenship - enrolled in doctoral programs in the United States. The program invites proposals for field research on all areas or regions of the world, as well as for research that is comparative, cross-regional and cross-cultural. Proposals that require no substantial research outside the United States are not eligible. Applicants must complete all Ph.D. requirements except fieldwork and dissertation by the time the fellowship begins or by December 2006, whichever comes first.

Award Amount

Individual awards will be approximately $20,000.