Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

ATTENTION!  The competition for NU's four nominees is open!!!
Internal deadline revised!  Applications are due on Tuesday, January 5, at 9 AM!!!


The Goldwater Scholarship is one of the most desirable undergraduate awards. Scholars continue after the bachelor's to win such prestigious fellowships as NSF, NDSEG, and the Hertz. Please note that Northwestern may only forward four candidates. Previous candidates, chosen or not, have profited enormously from the application process in their ability to articulate professional goals, think creatively about their current and future research plans, and form a partnership with key professors in their departments.


Sophomores and juniors in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering.


Northwestern holds an internal competition to select four nominees.  The competition is officially open!  Applications are due Tuesday, January 5, 2015, 9 AM.  Access the application at Goldwater Scholarship and click on "Apply Now."  Please note, at this time, DO NOT PRESS SUBMIT as you are not applying direclty to the Goldwater Scholarship.  Also, DO NOT ENTER THE NAMES AND EMAILS OF YOUR RECOMMENDERS.  Include the recommenders' information in a separate document with your application.  The application should be submitted in PDF format to the Office of Fellowships.

How to Apply
for the Goldwater Scholarship

1. Visit the website at Barry Goldwater Scholarship to register and access the application.

2. Complete the application.  (If you have any difficulty using the online application form, feel free to complete the application in Word and then convert to PDF for submission to the Office of Fellowships).

3. Compose a two page research statement and include an unofficial transcript.

4. Ask three professors to write a letter of recommendation for you.  Please include their information in a seperate document with the application.  Also, provide a name of a fourth person who might write a recommendation if called upon.

Note: DO NOT enter the recommenders’ email addresses into the Goldwater application.  At this stage of the competition, the recommenders must email their letters directly to Sara Anson Vaux: and copy Sheren Jasim:

5. A completed application should be submitted by Tuesday, January 5, at 9 AM, to the Office of Fellowships in PDF format to Sara Anson Vaux: and copied to Sheren Jasim: 

If you have any questions about the process of applying for the Goldwater Scholarship, please email Jason Roberts at

Feeling stuck?  Need inspiration?  Want to see previous applications? 

The Office of Fellowships has a library of past winning essays for you to read! 

Visit the office any time during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, to read winning Goldwater Scholarship applications.

Award Amount

Undergraduate tuition and expenses up to $7,500 annually.


Barry Goldwater Scholarship