American Geological Institute Minority Participation Program


Since 1972, the American Geological Institute has administered the Minority Participation Program. The broad goal for this program is to maintain and increase incrementally the number of underrepresented ethnic-minority students in the geosciences. Recipients of AGI Minority Geoscience Scholarships are provided with financial awards ranging from $500 to $3,000 and given the opportunity to interact with a mentor from the geoscience community within our AGI MPP Advisory Committee.


United States citizens only. Permanent residents (green card) or applicants for U.S citizenship are not eligible. Verifiable ethnic-minority status as Black, Hispanic, or Native American (American Indian, Eskimo, Hawaiian, or Samoan). Financial support is for full time students only, with demonstrable financial need, and enrolled in an accredited institution as a graduate student majoring (i.e., degree candidate) in geoscience, including the geoscience subdisciplines of geology, geophysics,geochemistry, hydrology, meteorology, physical oceanography, planetary geology, or earth-science education. This program does not support students in other natural sciences, mathematics, or engineering.

Award Amount

$500 - $3000