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Do-It-Yourself Inventory

Non-Capital Equipment Inventory Form

Fill out the form below to request a free inventory training session in your office, free inventory template or department inventory tags. The inventory training session will teach you how to set-up and maintain your own department equipment inventory. The Excel template will help you track your equipment and has fields for the description, location and purchase order for each item in your inventory. The aluminum inventory tags are $.20 each and have a unique identification number stamped on each tag. You'll be contacted by phone or e-mail for the CUFS account to charge for your tags or to schedule a training session. The tags will be sent out through the University mail and the Inventory template will be e-mailed to you as an Excel file attachment. For further information on setting up your own department equipment inventory refer to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section or e-mail the university's Equipment Inventory Coordinator. The inventory template can also be downloaded directly from the Forms web page as an Excel file.


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Training Session Inventory Template

Aluminum Inventory Tags

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