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Annual reports

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion publishes annual reports on the progress of Northwestern’s numerous initiatives to increase the diversity of our community and efforts to ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Reports from the University Diversity Council and Faculty Diversity Council

Beginning in 2000, a Faculty Diversity Committee (FDC) was established to help assess Northwestern’s progress in increasing the number of women and members of under-represented minorities on the faculty, and to suggest initiatives that might promote progress in this area.  In 2012, as a result of the University’s most recent strategic planning process, the University Diversity Council (UDC) was created with the objective of addressing diversity holistically across the institution, including faculty, students, staff and alumni.  The former Faculty Diversity Committee was folded into this broader group. The FDC reported annually on the University’s progress on efforts to recruit and retain under-represented groups among undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and the UDC continued this effort. 

Past FDC and UDC reports:

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