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Welcome to AccessibleNU, the new database for the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Students who registered with SSD prior to fall 2012 are already in AccessibleNU and should use the login for already-registered students. With AccessibleNU, SSD students can:

  • Apply for SSD services online
  • Once registered with the office, request accommodation notifications (emails to professors or printouts)
  • Schedule to have SSD proctor exams, and more...

We hope that you'll find AccessibleNU to be intuitive and user-friendly; however, the pages in this section of the website will assist you with whatever you need to do. Now that there will be much less need to visit or email the office, we hope we'll still see you!

How You'll Use AccessibleNU

  1. When you submit your documentation to SSD, complete SSD's online application through AccessibleNU.
    • Students who registered with SSD prior to fall 2012 do NOT need to fill out an AccessibleNU application, as they are already in AccessibleNU. They should use the login for already-registered students.
  2. Once you have been approved for accommodations and have registered for courses, request instructor accommodation notifications through AccessibleNU no later than the 2nd week each quarter.
    • SSD staff will be notified and will approve your requests (which will email your instructors or allow you to print out your notifications to hand-deliver to your instructors or both).
  3. If you need SSD to proctor an exam, make an exam request through AccessibleNU at least a week in advance of the test date to schedule your exam.
  4. If your accommodations include a note-taker, log onto AccessibleNU to access the notes that the note-taker hired for your class has uploaded to AccessibleNU.

Requesting Accommodations in AccessibleNU

Making an Exam Request in AccessibleNU