AccessibleNU - Alternative Testing

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You must request your exam at least 1 week before you would like to take it at SSD. You will be emailed verification of the scheduled exam 2 days prior to your test.

What is Alternative Testing?

Alternative Testing refers to the accommodations you were approved for when taking exams, tests, and quizzes. The idea of these services is to level the playing field for students, so they have equal opportunities to attempt their exams. Examples of these accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Extended time
  • Reduced-distraction testing environment
  • Use of a computer for essay exams
  • Permission to write on the test vs. marking the Scan-tron form

There are strict policies to be followed when coordinating services with students and professors. AccessibleNU has been specially designed to track necessary information associated with alternative testing.

Process for Alternative Testing

  1. You are approved for accommodations pertaining to testing during your intake appointment.
  2. Request accommodation notifications to be sent to your professors through AccessibleNU, and check the box marked "Alternative Testing" if you are requesting your test-related accommodations.
  3. A contract is generated for each class for which a student checked "Alternative Testing" and for which the instructor has approved the contract and requested SSD to proctor. 
    • Instructors are requested to click on the link inside the red box in the accommodation email received to approve the alternative testing contract; moreover, students can now schedule to take a test at SSD through AccessibleNU regardless of if the instructor has filled out the contract.
  4. Request to schedule your exam if you are taking it at SSD. 
  5. SSD's administrative assistant approves requests, and possibly assigns date/time.
  6. Tests scheduled at SSD are received from the instructor (with proper confidentiality and security protocols observed).
  7. Tests proctored by SSD are taken by the student, and a proctoring record is generated.
  8. Finished tests are returned to the instructor, and the test is marked as completed in AccessibleNU.

Testing Contracts

A testing contract is an agreement between you and your instructor specifying the details of all tests associated with each class. A contract will be generated for each class for which you receive alternative testing services. You can now also make exam requests through AccessibleNU even if your instructor hasn't filled out his or her portion of the testing contract.

Please review SSD's exam-proctoring details for in-depth information about the policies and procedures pertaining to taking tests proctored by SSD. As with any exam taken at Northwestern, rules of academic integrity apply, and any student suspected of a violation will be reported to his/her professor and school dean.

NOTE: There will be no testing contracts for Chicago Campus students and thus no test-proctoring at the SSD Office in Chicago.

Making an Exam Request

You will need to make a separate exam request in AccessibleNU for each test for which you are requesting SSD to proctor. The steps are broken down below and are also available at the top of each of the AccessibleNU - Alternative Testing pages.