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Helpful Books

  • Binge: Campus Life in an Age of Disconnection and Excess (What Your College Student Won't Tell You), by Barrett Seaman, John Wiley and Sons, 2005. Former Time Magazine reporter, and trustee at his alma mater, Hamilton College, offers an eye-opening perspective on current student affairs and campus life.
  • Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Guide to the College Years, by Helen E. Johnson and Christine Schelhas-Miller, St. Martin's, 2000. (Schelhas-Miller is on the faculty at Cornell.) "One of the most difficult parts of being the parent of a college student is observing from afar as your child makes the often bumpy transition from dependence to independence. After years of being a responsible, caring, and 'in control' parent, this change can be frightening, rewarding, and nerve-racking-- sometimes all in the same week!"
  • Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years, by Karen Levin Coburn and Madge Lawrence Treeger, Perennial Books, 2003.
  • The Price of Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage Are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids, by Madeline Levine, Ph.D., 2006. Read the July 25, 2006 book review from The San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Smashed: Story of a drunken girlhood, by Karen Zailckas, Viking Penguin, 2005. When Your Kid Goes to College: A Parent's Survival Guide, by Carol Barkin, Avon Books, 1999. You're On Your Own (But I'm Here if You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During the College Years, by Majorie Savage, 2003.
  • College of the Overwhelmed: The Campus Mental Health Crisis and What to Do About It, by Richard D. Kadison and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo (2004)