Leave of Absence

Although many students are able to continue their studies at Northwestern while receiving counseling, in some cases students may need to request a Medical Leave of Absence when they experience medical or psychological conditions that significantly impair their ability to function successfully or safely in their role as a student. This allows for time away from the university for treatment and recovery, which can often restore a student’s functioning to a level that will enable him/her to return to the university.

A parent wanting more information can call 847-491-2151 and ask to speak to the CAPS crisis counselor on duty. Staff cannot discuss the specifics of a particular student’s situation until after the student has signed a release of information, however, we can talk generally with you about medical leaves. Parents can also check with their student’s insurance carrier to make sure health insurance coverage continues while on leave. Some insurance providers require a dean’s letter to document that a student is a “current student on leave”. A student wanting to initiate a medical leave for psychological reasons (although the reason for the leave is never entered on their transcript) should call CAPS at 847-491-2151.