In an Emergency

If a student is in crisis, same-day crisis appointments are available during business hours at the Evanston campus location, by appointment at the Chicago campus location, and on an emergency basis through the after-hours phone line. Please call 847-491-2151 for both campuses.

If you think a student is out of control, violent, and/or is in a life-threatening situation, immediate intervention is needed. Examples include, but are not limited to, a student threatening suicide or homicide and a student physically harming her- or himself and/or others. Call the University Police at 911 (on campus) or 847-491-3456 in Evanston and 312-503-8314 in Chicago. Report your concern, the student’s name, and where the student can be found. If necessary, the University Police will escort the student to the nearest hospital emergency room.

If a student confides that he or she has been sexually assaulted, it is important to urge the student to go to the nearest emergency room for a medical evaluation (even in the case of acquaintance rape). Emergency room staff are specially trained to collect evidence even if a student later decides not to press charges (there is no pressure to make a decision about pressing charges in the ER). It is important to remember that several medical interventions (for example Post-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis) can only be performed within a limited time window. All other decisions about who, if anyone to notify, can be made later.

If a student wants transportation to the emergency room following a sexual assault, they can call 911 on campus, or 847-491-3456 in Evanston for Northwestern police, or 312-503-8314 in Chicago. The NU police website also has valuable practical information

In the case of a family emergency or death, the Dean of Student Affairs (847-491-8430) can assist with notification, emergency transportation, as well as many other related issues.