Consultation Services

CAPS staff are happy to consult with people about psychological concerns. Often students who are experiencing difficulty will not come to CAPS first, but seek out support from faculty, staff, administrators, friends, and their parents. This support may be enough to see them through a difficult time, but sometimes the student needs more. In some cases, psychological services may significantly benefit the student. CAPS staff will consult with others about how to approach a student in distress, how to suggest counseling, and what resources are available for students. We also consult on how to deal with difficult situations.

Each college, residence hall, and many offices on campus have a CAPS liaison to assist with consultations and issues involving those specific campus areas. If you are not sure of your liaison's name, please contact CAPS.

To consult with a member of the CAPS staff, please call (847) 491-2151.

Below are some further resources that might be useful to you in dealing with difficult situations.