Individual Psychotherapy

Individual counseling and psychotherapy with a CAPS counselor consists of meeting one-on-one for up to twelve sessions in your academic career with a counselor on a regular basis (usually once a week or every two weeks). These meetings typically last 45-50 minutes, and are meant to help achieve mutually agreed upon therapy goals. Typical therapy goals include helping you feel better and function at your best, helping you manage and cope with emotions more adaptively and healthily, improving relationship skills, helping with self-concept and esteem, and achieving greater understanding and perspective on life experiences (family upbringing, school peer experiences, relationship break-up, academic issues, death, separation, loss, and adjustment to life changes).

Counseling sessions work best as a collaborative venture in which you are as candid as possible with your counselor and work together to develop a supportive and trusting relationship. Counseling may include such elements as talking about your concerns in great depth and how you may have tried to solve problems and issues. You may also explore how you deal with emotions and challenging situations, self-care, stress management, time management, as well as the impact of earlier life experiences on your current attitudes, thoughts, and behavior. Outside assignments or "life homework" to increase your awareness and assist in developing new life skills and approaches may be a part of your therapy. Given the short-term nature of CAPS counseling, CAPS may also assist you in a referral to a community therapist for specialized or longer-term therapy. In all cases, we work together with you to determine the best approach to meet your needs. All counseling services at CAPS are confidential.

To receive services (on both the Chicago and the Evanston campuses), please call CAPS at 847-491-2151 to schedule an initial phone consultation with a counselor. The initial consultation will last about 15 minutes and usually will be on the same day you call. The counselor will collect some information from you and help connect you with the services most appropriate for your needs. You may be scheduled for an intake at CAPS or connected with other resources on campus and/or in the community. Same day crisis appointments are also available, if needed.