Meet the Staff

john dunkle 2014John H. Dunkle, Ph.D. 

Executive Director

Special Interests: Gay/lesbian/bisexual student concerns, gender issues, personality disorders, crisis intervention, short-term psycho-dynamic psychotherapy. 

courtney albinson head shotCourtney Albinson, Ph.D. 

Associate Director for Outreach and Education

Special Interests: Sport and performance psychology, anxiety, stress management, academic and life skills, career development, relationship concerns, identity development.

eileen biagi head shotEileen B. Biagi, Ph.D. 

Staff Psychologist, ECATT Coordinator

Special Interests: Eating disorders, body image issues, depression and anxiety disorders, relationship issues.

Bettina Frankel head shotBettina Bohle-Frankel, M.D. 

Staff Psychiatrist

Special Interests: International students, trauma, panic and anxiety, depression.

rob durr head shotRob Durr, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Special Interests: Happiness, leadership, emotional intelligence, brief treatment of depression and anxiety, law student wellbeing.

meghan-finnMeghan Finn, LCSW

Case Management Specialist

Special Interests: Healthcare, low income student concerns, identity development, relationship issues, trauma.

lynn gerstein head shotLynn Gerstein, LCSW

Alcohol and Other Drug Specialist

Special interests: substance abuse; family and relationship concerns;

identity issues; gender and sexuality issues

Elizabeth Gobbi MD head shotElizabeth (Lisa) Gobbi, M.D. 

Staff Psychiatrist

Special Interests: Cross-cultural psychiatry, eating disorders, anxiety disorders.

monika gutkowskaMonika Gutkowska, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Special Interests:  International students, cultural adjustment, multicultural themes, immigration, first generation and low income students,  grief/loss, sexual assault , trauma, identity/personal development, mindfulness,  gender and sexual identity, Adult Children of Alcoholics. Fluent in Polish.

Pamela Hazard, M.D. 

Staff Psychiatrist

Special Interests: Cross-cultural psychiatry, eating disorders, anxiety disorders.

wei-jen head shotWei-Jen Huang, Ph.D., CGP

Assistant Director for Community Relations

Special Interests: Asian and multicultural issues, group dynamics, couples, community outreach and prevention, consultation and training to the governments of China, Singapore, and Malaysia, known as NU's "Love Doctor."

Diane Lin head shotDiane L.S. Lin, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Special Interests: Multicultural/cross-cultural issues, graduate and professional students, gender and relationship issues, identity/personal development, urban family concerns, parenting, faith and spirituality.

rosemary maganaRosemary Magaña, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Special Interests: Latino and multicultural issues, identity development, trauma, cultural adjustments, first generation students, grief/loss, relationships, depression, anxiety, and sexual assault. Fluent in Spanish.

Cindy McKinzie, Psy.D.Cindy McKinzie, Psy.D. 

Staff Psychologist

Special Interests: anxiety, stress, holistic health, relationship issues, identity development, transition issues, eating disorders, sexual assault, and trauma.

Henry Perkins head shot Henry J. Perkins, Ph.D.

Coordinator of the Stress Management Clinic

Special Interests: Minority mental health issues, couples therapy, health psychology, anxiety disorders, depression.

Lori SchwanhausserLori Schwanhausser, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Special Interests: Sport and performance psychology, eating disorders/body image, anxiety disorders, identity development

david shor head shotDavid Shor, Ph.D.

Director of Clinical Services

Special Interests: Sports psychology, identity development, relationship issues, gender issues, performance enhancement.

jod taywaditep head shotJod Taywaditep, Ph.D. 

Associate Director for Training

Special Interests: Multicultural themes including minority identities and marginalization, cultural adjustment, GLBTQA students, gender issues, international students, anxiety, family and relationship concerns, grief and loss.

CAPS Trainees

2014-15 Postdoctoral Fellows*

sam macy liz miller 

2014-15 Doctoral Psychology Interns*

abby brown aleksandra roxy

* Without an Illinois license, practicing under supervision.