List of Degrees Awarded by School

student close up with white tassel

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences:

White tassel
Bachelor of Arts

School of Communication:

Silver tassel and hood
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Bachelor of Science in Communication, Master of Science in Communication, Doctor of Audiology

School of Education and Social Policy:

Light blue tassel and hood
Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy
Master of Science in Education and Social Policy
Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change

McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science:

Orange tassel and hood
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing & Design Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering


Master of Engineering Management
Master of Science in Biotechnology
Master of Science in Information Technology
Master of Science in Product Development
Master of Science in Project Management

School of Professional Studies:

White Tassel 

Hood color determined by degree
Bachelor of Philosophy and Bachelor of Science in General Studies (awarded by Weinberg)
Bachelor of Philosophy in Communication (awarded by School of Communication)
White hood 
Master of Arts in Creative Writing*
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies*
Master of Arts in Literature*
Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration*
Master of Arts in Sports Administration

Brown hood 
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Gold hood 
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems*
Master of Science in Medical Informatics
Master of Science in Quality Assurance & Regulatory Science
Master of Science in Regulatory Compliance, Master of Science in Predictive Analytics
Master of Science in Clinical Research and Regulatory Administration


*School awarding degree can depend upon admittance date.

The Graduate School:

Black tassel
Master of Arts - white hood
Master of Fine Arts - brown hood
Master of Public Health - salmon hood
Master of Science - yellow-gold hood
Doctor of Philosophy - dark blue hood

Medill School of Journalism Media, Integrated Marketing Communications:

Crimson tassel and hood
Bachelor of Science in Journalism
Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications
Master of Science in Journalism

Kellogg School of Management:

Acorn tassel and hood
Master of Business Administration

Bienen School of Music:

Pink tassel and hood
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Science in Music
Bachelor of Music
Master of Music
Doctor of Musical Arts