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Quick Steps for Approving Staff Conflict of Interest Disclosures

1. Log in to FASIS with your NetID and password.

2. Click on the purple COI Reviewer Tools menu bar to expand the accordion.

3. Click on Review COI Disclosures.

4. If you have multiple options, choose Annual Staff Disclosure from the dropdown menu, and click Next.

5. The disclosure year will default to 2014. Click Search to view all disclosures pending your review.  If no disclosures populate, there is nothing currently pending your review.

6. The COI Administrator Disclosure Review page is where you will make your COI determination.
COI Administrator Disclosure Review

7. If you see a 'No' in the Positive ('Yes') Responses?column, your employee responded 'No' to all of the questions. If you have no reason to question the 'No' responses, you may simply select 'C - No Conflict Identified' in the drop-down list and click 'Save.' The review process for that employee is complete!

8. If you see a 'Yes' in the Positive ('Yes') Responses?column, your employee responded 'Yes' to at least one question, which will require a comment from you and a COI determination.

  • View their disclosure - Click to view your employee's disclosure
  • Make a COI determination in the Disclosure Review Status
    • If, after viewing the disclosure, you determine that there is no conflict, choose "C - No Conflict Identified"
    • If there is a potential conflict, or something that requires further review by the Staff COI Committee, choose "D - Potential Conflict Identified"
    • If there is a conflict, but it has been managed through the development of a management plan, choose "G - Conflict Managed"
  • Add comments - For any 'Yes' response, type a comment in the text box next to the drop-down list
  • Add Management Plan (optional) - For any 'Yes' response that required the development of a management plan, use this link to upload and document the plan
  • Click 'Save' to submit your updated disclosure statuses. The review process for this employee is now complete!

Making a Determination

If there is an employee for whom you feel you should not be the Conflict of Interest approver, discuss this with your Department Manager or School Administrator. Department Managers and School Administrators have access to update Conflict of Interest approvers via the Reports To page in FASIS Administration.

For reference, review the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment PDF

Tutorial for Approving Staff COI QuestionnairePDF