Researching Companies and Organizations

Researching which employers or environment is right for you in order to find satisfying employment is something highly encouraged by UCS.

This Involves:

  1. Researching companies/organizations of interest
  2. Creating a list of those to contact
  3. Visiting their websites for more information
  4. Applying for internships through their website
  5. Contacting employers directly through email or phone for networking

What to Look for in a Company

  • Their mission, values and culture
  • Size (# of employees)
  • Location (near public transportation?)
  • Who are their competitors?
  • Benefits/Workplace Amenities

How to Find Companies and Organizations

There are a variety of well maintain databases or resources for locating company information. Go to the resources page to find information on CareerSearch, Hoovers, Uniworld, Wetfeet, and Vault's Career Insider.

Other sites and resources include:

  • for non-profit and government agency information
  • CareerCat: for employers who recruit at Northwestern search the "employer" tab
  • LinkedIn: be social media savvy and use this site to find company information and contacts by searching the "company" tab

Next Steps

Once you have your list of ideal organizations you'd like to explore/work for:

  1. Browse their "Career" section of their website to see if they have any jobs or internships available
  2. Look for their Human Resources Department contact information
  3. Put together your message or script for email or phone
  4. Call/email and introduce yourself and clearly state what you're looking for
  5. Network with contacts you have made
  6. Contact UCS for more advice