CareerCat is University Career Services’ chief online internship and job database for both On-Campus Recruiting and direct application opportunities. Employers in this database have specifically selected Northwestern University to receive listings. Registering with CareerCat enables students and alumni to receive important email updates on services, programming, special events, and employment listings.

General CareerCat Questions

How do I register for / log-on to CareerCat?

  1. Northwestern Student Access (Note: Avoid using Firefox as your browser to access CareerCat)
    Northwestern Alumni Access
    Employer Access
  2. Fill out your profile completely.
  3. Students & Alumni- To receive the weekly UCS e-mail that contains information about employers, programming and other special events, make sure under the "privacy" tab to choose "yes" on the "Receive Email Notifications" option.

I don't have access to CareerCat

  1. Make sure that you are using your net ID and password through the "NU passport" system.  If problems persist, contact NUIT to check your net ID/password account.
  2. Try another browser.
  3. If you are a postdoc, see "PostDoc Information" below.

What information of mine can the employers access?

Employers can only access information that is manually sent to them, such as resumes and cover letters. Employers do not have access to student profiles.

I have been blocked from accessing CareerCat.

Students can be blocked if:

Cancellations: An interview cancelled less than 2 business days before an interview will result in your campus interviewing privileges being revoked.  To get reinstated, you must contact a UCS staff member to regain eligibility.

No show: If you fail to report for a scheduled campus interview, you will be considered a "no-show" and privilege to request future on-campus interviews will be permanently revoked. If you already have additional campus interviews at the time your campus interviewing privileges are revoked or are placed on temporary "hold," you still should attend those pre-scheduled appointments (unless you cancel more than two business days in advance).

If blocked, contact Jeremy Hopkins

How do I stop receiving emails from CareerCat?

To stop receiving weekly UCS e-mails, go to the "privacy" tab in the profile section and choose "no" on the "Receive Email Notifications" option.

Searching and Applying for Positions

How do I find On-Campus Recruiting Positions?

  1. Log-in to CareerCat
  2. Under "Short cuts", click on: "On-Campus Interviews (Current NU Students Only) that I qualify for"


  1. Click on "Jobs/Internships" at the top of the page
  2. Click on "Employers Seeking NU Students/Alumni"
  3. In the "Show me" drop down, click on "All On-Campus Interviews"

What do all those deadlines mean?

Resume Submission Start Date: The date by which students can begin submitting resumes through CareerCat.

Resume Submission End Date: The last date to submit a resume, usually by 11:59pm.

Sign-Up Start Date: The date students who are chosen for interviews can schedule an interview. If students are chosen for an interview, the employer will contact the student via CareerCat, and then the student will set up an interview time through CareerCat (interview times are first come, first serve).

Alternate Sign-Up Start Date: If student is chosen as an alternate this is the date that they can sign up for remaining interview slots.

Sign-Up End Date: The last date anyone can sign up for an interview slot. If the student has not heard from the employer before this date, then they have typically not been chosen for an interview. It is rare that recruiters will contact students NOT chosen for an interview.

CareerCat won't let me submit my resume to an employer.

  1. Make sure that your profile is completely filled out.
  2. Make sure that you upload a resume.
  3. Student profiles must be updated yearly, particularly the academic profile, since this is how CareerCet determines eligibility for positions. Please make sure that your academic profile is current.
  4. Do you meet the minimum requirements? Employers determine eligibility criteria for positions. Check the "criteria" section under the job posting. Example: if the position asks for a certain graduation date, and that is not your graduation date listed in the profile, it will tell you that you are ineligible. Other reasons: incorrect work authorization; minimum GPA not met; incorrect major.
  5. Has the resume submission date passed? Resumes must be submitted by the resume submission end date. After that, no resumes can be submitted through CareerCat.

If an employer at a Career Fair asks me to apply for a position but CareerCat won't allow me to submit it, what do I do?

Are you a graduate student or a postdoc?

The person who enters the position in CareerCat (and therefore chooses which students can/cannot apply for positions) is rarely the person who attends the career fair, so many times the career fair representative is unaware that the HR department has not enabled graduate students and postdocs to be able to apply through CareerCat. UCS can manually submit your resume if necessary. Send all documents (e.g. resume, cover letter, etc) and the company and position title to Alice Harra.

How do I know if I have been selected for an interview?

Candidates will receive an email from CareerCat. Also, check the "Alert" section on the CareerCat homepage, particularly during the interview sign up period. The system will prompt you to sign up for an interview slot. All slots are 1st come, 1st serve.

What does "alternate" mean? What if I am an alternate? How do I sign up for an interview?

Once employers have pre-selected the students they wish to interview on campus, they may designate a student or two to be an "Alternate".  "Alternates" can earn an interview spot if all the employer's preselects do not want interview slots. If you are alerted that you are an alternate, you will be able to sign up for the interview at 12:00am on the Alternate sign up date. Alternate spots are 1st come, 1st serve.

The resume submission deadline is tonight and I can't come to walk-ins.

Please see the resume guidelines and examples on our website. The UCS Career Guide is also available in PDF form on the website. (LINK)

I missed the resume submission deadline.

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of and adhere to deadlines. There is no way to submit a resume after the submission deadline.

Can I just change my degree or other profile data to meet the qualifications of a posting?

NO. This is unethical. If you do not meet the requirements, but feel that you are a competitive/viable candidate, see a UCS counselor for alternative ways to get your resume to an employer.

Uploading and Managing Documents

How do I upload a cover letter/transcript/SAT score?

  1. Click on the "Resumes, Letters, and Transcripts" Tab.
  2. Choose the label that describes your document, and give the document a descriptive name (e.g. "Peace Corps Cover Letter").
  3. For transcripts, cut and paste your unofficial transcript from Caesar into a word document and re-format.
  4. For SAT scores, please include on the resume or type as a word document.

Which resumes will employers view?

You determine which resumes the employer receives. Employers cannot see any resumes unless you submit it, unless you have enabled them through the "resume book" choice under "privacy" options. If you have enabled this choice, then employers who request resume books will receive your default resume.

What if I accidentally delete my default resume?

Upload another resume and label this default. If you have already submitted this resume to an employer, it will not be erased from the system.

Once a document is uploaded, can I make changes to it?

Documents are converted to PDF once uploaded, so they cannot be changed.  Make the changes in the original Word file, then re-upload, and then delete the old document from the system.

Can resumes be withdrawn?  How?

Resumes can be withdrawn from OCR positions if the submission deadline has not passed. Under the "interview" tab in CareerCat, there is a listing of all OCR positions (P) to which you have submitted a resume. If the deadline has not passed, then there will be a button labeled "withdraw" next to the position listing.

For non-OCR, positions (J), look under the "Jobs and Internships" tab, then click on the "applications" tab to see which employers you have submitted resumes to, and there will be a withdraw button there (this only applies to employers who are managing their resumes through CareerCat).

Accessing Events

How do I find who's coming for an employer presentation/pre-night?

Log into CareerCat, click on the "Events" tab, and then on "Information Sessions".

What is the difference between a presentation and pre-night?

Presentations: A company event that is open to all students and alumni. It allows the company to provide more information about the company and employment opportunties. Recommended dress is Business Casual/ Professional depending on the industry.

Pre-nights: Some employers require that students who are participating in interviews attend the pre-night the night before interviews. Students who have been granted an interview are required to attend. This event is an opportunity to meet full-time employees who work at the company and also for the company to see how you interact in social situations. Recommended dress is Business Professional.

How do I find who's coming for a career fair?

  1. Log into CareerCat.
  2. Click on the "Events" tab, and then "Career Fairs" tab.
  3. To view more information on positions, click on the tab labeled "available positions".

How do I RSVP for workshops in CareerCat?

  1. Log into CareerCat.
  2. Click on the 'Events" tab, and then click on the "Workshops" tab.
  3. There will be an "RSVP" under the workshop description.

What does it mean if the RSVP has been "disabled"?

"Disabled" means that the employer or presenter does not require students to RSVP for the event. It DOES NOT mean that the event has been cancelled.

Alumni Information

How do I gain access to CareerCat once I graduate?

If you had an account but can no longer login with your netid and password please email with your name, graduation year, student number, and preferred email address

If you never created an account while a student, please visit then click "register" on the right side   

Post Doc Information

How do I gain access to CareerCat

Post docs should send an email to UCS. Request to be added to CareerCat and include name, email, and NU ID (on your Wildcard).